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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

pros cons and tips to taking snuff off the back of the hand

what are the pros to taking snuff off the back of the hand versus the pinch, what are the cons what are some tips


  • For fine, dry snuffs I find the back of the hand is a bit easier to take without taking it into my sinuses or throat. Regardless of the snuff, I find it works best when you dose a little bit into a neat little pile on the back of the hand, I like two equally sized piles spaced about an inch apart. Then take one pile per nostril. Perfectly even, perfectly dosed because you see exactly how much you're taking.

    All that said, I still usually pinch.
  • the pro tip is going from back of the hand to boxcar vroooom vrooom

    - windshielded
    - earthquake secure
    - higher resolution aim
    - advanced rolloff protection
    - improved stealth from alarming civilists
    - live airflow fine tuning by distance control
  • Wow @SunnyD .. maybe you could do a full Youtube tutorial on this subject. When I feel a earthquake ill be sure to check it out if I'm still alive. These techniques interest me and will do some internet research on what will work best for when I give any future advice about this subject.
    I'm not fond of the boxcar personally, but I like to fly or float as it provides a more comfortable ride...
  • @SunnyDay - now that's being passionate. I like.
  • With a pinch, I have good control. My snuff goes up my nose and my shirt stays clean.

    Off the back of the hand, if the wind doesn't get it, my moustache will. Great for cutting down on how much you put up your nose, bad for the laundry and looking presentable.
  • I know 1 con for me is that because I use the same area on the side of my hand, same hand every time. Occasionally I will get irritated skin on that area. Other than that, I use the side of my hand, behind my thumb all the time.
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  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    I agree about the pinch method allowing for better control. Especially with finer grinds, it is easy to snort off the back of the hand but not so easy to snuff
  • there is only one way to snuff right and its boxcar (on the tumb nail pressed against the index finger) filled with a snuff spoon or from a tap box
    trust me and test it yourself and for prolonged time when you learn to utilize the little advantages like moving the thumb towards the nostril fine controling airflow
    or slightly breathing out with the nose on the snuff pile to add moisture and remove extremely fine particles that would go too far and this without fear of the snuff rolling from the back of the hand
    dont put your dirty fingers into the tin use a snuff spoon (aka pipe tool) instead
    for very easy to sniff grinds you can directly snuff from the spoon
    the boxcar restricts the area you suck the air into the nose this means often just breathing in normaly while having the pile aimed right is enough to perfectly place the snuff
  • Back of hand, Boxcar and now new method. Ordered Snuff Bottle Tops... Marble from Ebay... came with corks. Glued cork to marble tops... the bottom part.. dry/set 24 hours... on glass, surface place snuff dip marble top in snuff holding cork then to nose.... when dipping again more moisture on top... more snuff on top... less wasting of snuff... less,messy...effective... Showcase on my YouTube Channel CIGARASTCISTAR.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    What's the best method for these oily German snuffs? I'm considering trying a straw :D because they can be a mess
  • @ar47 Try all of them to find out which fits you best. Back of the hand, boxcar, pinching from palm - all three works good for me. Poschl grind and paraffin makes it really easy to take in any possible manner.

    Talking about straw.. I recall being knocked down after insufflating a line once. It hit me really bad, causing most severe headache ever. I was literally rolling on the floor for a minute or two.
  • FeernotFeernot Member
    edited May 2018 PM
    Off the back of the hand is perfect for mixing blends together. That is something I enjoy doing and is obviously not conducive to pinching.
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