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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

snuff bullet

how much snuff does a bullet hold


  • I'm guessing a little over a gram.
  • any tips or tricks on using one
  • edited April 2018 PM
    Hmm I don't really got any tips or tricks on them but I can say a few things that I noticed. They are really helpful if your outside on a rainy windy day. They are awesome to bring to work if you need a clean pinch in a hurry. I would sneak sniffs at work or run to the bathroom every now an then with my bullet. You don't always have to snuff from the bullet you can use it an make a portion on your nail or hand. There's a hole on the side which you can use to cover up a bit to make the air flow tighter an sniff a little harder but I never really used that, I think its just ment to give you enough air flow, so I never really messed around with that. I think a bullet keeps your fingers clean and the outside of your nose clean so its good to have if you don't have a hank but I always carry a hank with me. I'm more of a pinch guy now but I ran some miles on my snuff bullets and really enjoyed it.

    I don't currently have a snuff bullet no more, I left it in my bag with all my snuff at a greyhound bus station but I been thinking of picking up another one cuz they convenient for small trips and takes up less room in a pocket and you can bring a good variety of snuff with you, if you have a few.

    The only snuff bullets I owned where the acrylic ones from I bought a few empty ones from their site and they hold up and do the job well. Going to pick some up when I place an order from Toque, running low on my USA Whiskey & Honey!
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