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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

nose burn

does more burn mean better coverage and nicotine release i find im getting more burn with tps madras snuff from a bullet than a pinch. thanks for your tie to answer this


  • bobbob Member
    nope. It might be a factor but burn is mostly just your nose not being used to absorbing nicotine. So it is a factor but other things can lead to more burn.
  • for me burn is good but there are different types of burn i think one is sharpness from menthol and the other the pleasant one from nicotine
    ammonia might come into play with burn as well and there is also salmiak/smelling salts and or ammonia solution used in some snuffs
    and then there is fubar bohica

    stop worrying so much @jeffecrycraft1 forcing you to smell and experience snuffs based on what the label says or other people
    just use the snuffs you smell,feel and like if you have not found favorites yet just keep trying out new ones

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