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Kendal SG Black rappee mold or not mold ?

Hi I opened a one year old SG Black rappee tin and I found some white spots everywhere (see picture) wonder if it's moldy or just dry what do you think ? On the picture the tobaccoo looks brown I think it's the camera flash but when I look at it it's black with white spots thanks. A year ago the tobacco was all black.
As the taste of it is very light and special I cannot decide whether it's mold or not.



  • a zoomed picture
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 2018 PM
    Your snuff has lost most of original moisture. These white particles look like salts. I would advice tasting these white crystals. Just pick out some with pincette and taste it. My one year old Santo Domingo leftovers looked just like that and the tin was badly corroded, too. I took some pinches and binned it.

    Crystallisation can start really fast in moist, unoiled snuffs. My fresh Kownoer, decanted to NTSU plastic tub (talking about 3-4 g left), dried out a bit in one month. Now it's lighter in colour and full with tiny nice needle-like crystals.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 2018 PM
    I still have some 8 years or older Black Rappee. The only stale snuff I haven't binned:

    black rappee
  • Thanks for the advice so i guess mine is almost like new then ;)
  • Salt. Rehydrate and enjoy.
  • i just opened an old can black rappee and mine looked exactly like @snufferdemedicis. i thought it might be salt but i threw it out anyways. im glad i found this thread though
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