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Snuff as you like ! Another way to take snuff

I m an occasionnal snuffer. Just found another way to take snuff especially dry snuff without too much burning or sneezing . I dive my finger into snuff and put it direct into my nasals move my finger a little and that's doing the thing, it does not require to sniff or even breathe. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is with a natural simple way. The only bad side of it is that puting fingers in snuff might bring bacterias to the snuff, so to avoid that just put snuff in a special or another snuffbox or recipient or even your hand than its original tin. what do you think ?


  • That's how my friend takes the USA Whiskey & Honey I gave him. He said he does that all day at work.

    What I use to do was what I learned from snuffbegins from YouTube who learned from snuffhouse, you take a pinch and place it on your nose to plug it and sniff a few times hard. Something like that I'm bad at writing out directions.

    Here's the video
  • Yes thanks nice video I did that as well but made me sneeze a lot ;-)  When  I put my index direct in my nose without snuffing it just go on the nasals with no sneeze or backthroat sensation don't know why.
  • Decanting is the way to go. Second that.
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