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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

G.Smith Snuff on ebay UK.

Found a jar of Smiths Golden Cadinal on ebay UK.

Smiths shop is shown on a few links here on Snuffhouse.  

25 UK pounds is a bit steep for some out of date snuff.  
  But any of you collectors that have more money than sense may be interested.

I have no connection with the sale, but thought you might be interested.


  • chrischris Member
    Alternatively you could try Covent Golden from the Segar and Snuff Parlour in Covent Garden. It is made to the same recipe as Smith's Golden Cardinal. They purchased some of Smiths recipes after Smiths closed down but they were not allowed to use the Smiths names.

    I never tried the Smiths version but the Snuff and Segar one is very floral and would seem comparable to the reviews of the original.
  • @chris Wonder why they couldn't use the Smith's name? Who was protecting it, bearing in mind they aren't using it as a snuff brand? That's the value right there, the brand.
  • chrischris Member
    @Hoffwell   I don't know why that happened. It is what the manager of Segar & Snuff told me and I know from experience that legal negotiations can be quite difficult so I didn't bother to enquire further.

    I was just happy to get a chance to try some classic snuffs. There is a thread here somewhere where I think I listed the various G Smith brands against the new names at Segar & Snuff. I will have a look and see if I can find it.
  • @chris Thanks for reply.
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