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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Poschl Red Bull

I'm not sure why, but every time I take Red Bull once or twice in a row, it feels like it's cutting into my nose. I like it, but it's almost like sniffing fiberglass. ;\ It's the only one that has ever done this. Does anyone else get that?


  • It's the only snuff that makes me sneeze every time I take it.

  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Could be a combination of moisture, grind and menthol. I get that feeling with a lot of poschls, and I love it.

  • Poschl Gawith Original/Black/Apri, President, Red Bull, FC Bayern, all those are indistinguishable from each other for me. My nose is somewhat sensitive and I didn't think the was any fiberglass etc ... that said if you're like me, menthol on the Skin outside the nose can burn a lot more than inside. I can take Hedges L260 for example, extreme menthol, inside the nose but front drip burns the outside and my lip
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    @Psybin Poschl snuffs contain a lot of chemicals. I failed to find out the Red Bull's composition, but please check out this link to another Poschl snuff to get a better picture of what's going on there:

  • @ar47 It only happens with Red Bull, no other menthol snuffs for me so far. And the pain of it can last for hours, like my nose is actually cut in a couple tiny places, but I doubt it is. There's never blood or anything. It's strange. The feeling is also different than if one's nose is sore from using something rough a lot, like paper towels.

    @Rogue If it was temporary, like the stinging rush of a strong snuff or even sniffing too hard and it hitting the sinuses and the back of the head, that'd be great, but it persists and is more "cutting" in feeling.

    @volunge Maybe I can compare that list to other brand menthol snuffs and see if there's anything it publicly lists that others don't have.

    I like Red Bull, I just wish I could figure out what's causing that. I even have some Ozona President and that doesn't give me trouble. Maybe it's just one of those that my nose doesn't agree with.
  • @Psybin Check this thread for other brands:

    You will find the link to a data sheet in the very first post. (Kudos to @SunnyDay!)

    NB. There are two different Poschl Red Bull snuffs on the market now: Red Bull Strong (red plastic tap boxes) and Red Bull Aromatic (sachets). Unfortunately, data on Red Bull Strong are unavailable.
  • Hello guys

    I only tried an old tin without warnings and in it was written strong snuff
    It was fantastic very strong and powerfull menthol scent
    Today I tried a new tin with warnings and no strong snuff written and it is different beacuse it is less strong than before
    Do you know in they changed it now?
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited June 2019 PM
    I tried Red Bull in a plastic tap box in 2017 after a long break (maybe10 years or so), then got another box in 2018 and found them different from the old "strong" version (both '17 and '18 boxes, purchased in different countries were lacking the word "strong" on the label). The current grind is more coarse, the snuff is moister (darker), there are some new vague berry/fruity-like notes in the background now. Not that strong like in Ozonas, no, but they are definitely present. The menthol and nicotine, however, is similar. I would say it's not the same as it was before, but my nose has hosted too many different snuffs throughout all those years and I'm sure it affected my perception. Memory flaws are on the cards as well...
  • edited June 2019 PM
    Dear @volunge you confirm my impressions
    The old one stands still in my memory as I finished it a month ago
    It is different no doubt of it
    It is absolutely less strong than before
  • I'm looking forward to trying Red Bull.  I've never had anything from Pöschl but should have it soon enough.  Does anybody know if all of their snuffs are oiled?  Just curious, cheers
  • @Gormur, the only non-oiled Poschl snuff is Neffa Bledi.
  • GormurGormur Member
    This one is refreshing but I don't use it all day.  It seems like a good snuff for high altitudes or going on a hike; something along those lines.  I have a feeling there are better snuffs made by Pöschl.  I kind of wish there was a non-oiled version of Red Bull Strong because the paraffin seems to blunt a lot of the flavor I want to experience.  Cheers
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