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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Unflavored Snuff

Where can i buy online unflavored fine grounded tobacco, i usually but the leafs and i grind myself (i flavor them myself)..?


  • You want to buy unflavoured snuff ? 
    Try Toque Natural. 

    Where are you based ? 
  • Is there any reason you can no longer buy whole leaf? It's by far the cheapest alternative.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    Whole leaf is easy to get in the U.S. but according to others on the Forum, it is very difficult to come by in Europe. Not sure about Canada, though. They grow tobacco in parts of Canada.
  • @Pikey Do we have unflavoured Indian snuffs? I am looking for something which is medium to fine grind and unflavoured.
  • PikeyPikey Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    @bolbam420 Not as many as I'd like :D . Really our India based snuffers will know better @Gokul @newbiesnuffer . ? I m pretty sure there's still a few brands of madras available . You might find a tasty gul .

    41 Photo Yellow Lily Natural . 
    six photo LA Natural 
    Six photo MG Madras .(a touch of ghee in there but to me it's naked tobacco goodness )

    These are my favourite Indian plains that fit that profile. . LA Natural does come carrying a scent but you can air it out. I know Vikas @sixphoto has done custom batches for his Indian customers in the past so chatting to him might be worth doing . 

    Dholakia do a few plains but I m not too familiar with their ranges myself .I tried a few pots and they didn't suit me , but we're all different ;) . Sparrow for sure . @volunge should know more .

  • @Pikey 6P LA Natural & MG Madras are going to be on my next order. Have them already on the list. Airing out LA Natural will be interesting, since the humidity here in Mumbai is quite high. Does that mean I get rid of the scent and retain or add to the moisture? Will post updates on this.

    I tried 41P Yellow Lily Natural an year back and  that had a weird aroma. Is that how a plain snuff is basically supposed to be like? I couldnt figure out much from the reviews posted on Snuffhouse. I assumed a plain snuff would be something like sniffing a cigarette, from a fresh pack. I dont know. Will be ordering from 41P soon too.
  • PikeyPikey Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    @boblam420 I think 41 Photo do vary a bit between batches . I had a little snifter of Yellow Lily to refresh my memory . To me , this pot smells like a very blond cigarette dipped in butter . 

    The 'fresh pack' experience you describe sounds like you re going to get on with the madras snuff. :)  There's a thread on here on the first page , 'Plain Tobacco Snuff' I think it's called , which should be helpful .

    Personally I like to snuff tobacco that I would enjoy to smoke . I tend to gravitate towards  sun and flue cured tobacco in the blend , I tend to avoid firecured , Many members on here go the other way with their snuffs , favouring the darker stuff .

    So far as 'airing out' the LA Natural goes , I like to buy it in the bigger pots (150-200s) . It stays very fresh . However I ve had smaller pots that were much drier(45s and under) and virtually unscented as soon as I opened them . I found they took quite a bit of moisture to get back into snuffing condition . 
  • @bolbam420 There are two plain RZD snuffs - Jai Hanuman (tapkir) and Jawan: Not a word about the grind in the description, though.

    Haven't tried natural or scented, but my old tin of 41 Photo Yellow Lilly Mint snuff had weird scent, too. Didn't enjoy it.
  • USA
  • @rotenym for extra strength you could consider a little nicotina rustica to add too :)

    Search this site (with google) for the Snuff Making 101 thread. Lots of good info there, such as how much salt and optionally sodas to use to affect the taste and nicotine availability of the snuff
  • my way of making snuff was very simple, grind dry tobacco leaves and insert a few essential oil drops, enclose it and shake it well and DONE... i don't put in salt sodas etc.... what do you think?
  • @rotenym If you don't find your home-made snuff lacking in nicotine, there's no need to add any alkalizer.

    My last attempt to make snuff from locally grown tobacco without addition of any other ingredients resulted in total failure (nicotine-wise). I was glad I didn't risk to grind larger amount. I still have 100 g of those leaves and next time I'll definitely add a water solution of potash and washing soda.

    Some possible guidelines:

  • I really don't need the nicotine to be strong at all...

  • @rotenym Then you might be interested in herbal snuffs as well. There are quite a few back on stock:

  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    @rotenym if nicotine isn't that important, I'd recommend leaving out the sodium carbonate (or other alkalizers). The only reason they're there is to enhance nicotine absorption. It's easy to ruin a batch of snuff by adding too much. Too much causes nose burn and can interfere with the scent. 
  • Hi All,

    Am from india and the unflavored snuff i have /use/ procure is from down south from the state of Karnataka.

    Trying to post some pics of them
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 2020 PM
    Hi @goaninsanity, welcome aboard! Posting pics are easy, just bear in mind the size of image files cannot exceed 2 Mb. Use this button for uploading your photos:

    leave a comment

    P. S. It's impossible to upload any image file here using this button when editing your posts.

  • You can try neffa bledi by poschl it s dry plain snuff it seems high in nicotine though. You can order it from any tobacco shop in europe i did it from france.
  • @Snufferdemedicis, I wish we could! I'm pretty sure it was made by Poschl for France solely. Is it still available? Have you ordered it recently? I would love to get my hands on a Bledi tin.
  • I think the last time i ordered was 3 years ago.
  • newbiesnuffernewbiesnuffer Member
    edited January 2020 PM
    Guys just read this - IMHO the only plain Indian snuffs are the ones mentioned in this discussion already and I think the plainest would be LA natural, Sparrow and the Indian whites. All others have some scent, even if it's pure tobacco fragrance like MG Madras and the other Madras snuffs like Umbrella.
    Have not tried any others.
  • Sparrow, LA and Madras snuffs are unflavored. Or just tobacco leaves and grind them into a powder. Not difficult at all. I made my own snuff from Hopi rustica I grew myself. It was okay but I prefer all other brands actually.
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