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Sir Walter Scott snuffs back in stockSnuv: Herbal Range

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Sir Walter Scott back in stock


for those of you that follow my youtube channel please comment and tell me which ones you are excited to see me review in the following weeks
1 x Poschl Bayern Prise Brasil 10g
1 x Bernard Zwiefacher 10g
1 x Wilsons Rows of Sharrow 10g
1 x 6 Photo Special 45g
1 x McChrystal's Fine Keg 8.75g
1 x Dholakia Irish Coffee 10g
1 x Dholakia Sparrow 10g
1 x 6 Photo M.G Madras 8g
1 x Bernard Fichtennadel 10g
1 x Bernard Regensburger 10g
1 x Bernard Winterpris 10g $3.96


  • here is the rest of the list!
    1 x Samuel Gawith Black Coffee 25g
    2 x Silver Dollar Coffee 5g
    1 x Wilsons Gold Label 5g
    1 x Wilsons Grand Cairo 5g
    1 x Wilsons Lavender 5g
    1 x Poschl Packard's Club 6.5g
    1 x Poschl Jubilaums Prise 10g Sachet
    1 x Toque Berwick Brown 10g
    1 x J & H Wilsons SP No1 5g
    1 x Sir Walter Scott's Latakia Blend Snuff 15g
    1 x Wilsons Jockey Club 10g
    1 x Bernard Magic Moments Black 10g
    1 x Samuel Gawith Elmo's Reserve 25g
    1 x Poschl Gletscherprise Gold
  • A comparison between Dholakia's Irish Coffee and Coffee Cream would be great.
  • What is the name of your YouTube channel?
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    @jeffecrycraft1 I'd like to see you review Samuel Gawith Black Coffee (Black Arabica) and SG Elmo's Reserve.
  • @sammyD13 i believe ive done the elmos reserve
    @bolbam429 ill do the coffee cream in a few months
    @bowlcake just look up " Hukman!"

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2018 PM
    What a nice order!

    Please make a review of 6P M.G Madras. The strongest snuff among all offerings (IMHO).

    Interested to hear about Berwick Brown as well, if you haven't reviewed it yet (can't browse at the moment to check it up). And please show a close-up of the snuff, if it's technically possible.

    P. S. I hope Rows of Sharrow will open your nasal chakra, buddy! :)
  • @jeffecrycraft1 I agree with volunge . A review of MG Madras would be nice and also pretty useful for the online snuff community . It's still a very new snuff ,so reviews are scarce .

    Also a comparison video between MG and TPS(and other madras in your collection) might be nice :) .

    Anyway I subscribed to your channel . I watched a few of your reviews , you seem to have a good nose for the plain stuff . 
  • TPS is a tad stronger than the Dolakia Madras and enjoy Dolakia more. Yet to try 6P. A comparison to the 6P Natural and Madras would be interesting to get a review of tho.
  • Packard's Club! And Jockey Club. Layered one after another in that order. Try it :)

    FYI IMO you're gonna need a 20g of the J&HW - the 5g ones have most likely gone bone dry and lost the magic
  • @pikey its funny cause my sense of smell has greatly diminished lol i seem to get the scent of plain tobaccos better than scented. like in sp (stands for sales and pollards learned this from uncle squinty and some posts on here) i can only smell the base tobacco no bergamot or florals even in queens extra strong! i guess i can still smell different things but not like i used to. uncle squinty once congratulated me for picking up cinnamon and some other scents in 6 photo special that he couldent pick up.
    @ar47 i got the 5g because of my budget and i cant really pick up the bergamot anyways lol
  • How'd you like the Jubilaums Prise?
  • @Captainblackboogers i couldent really smell anything other than menthol

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