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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Pipe Tobacco - Minus Most Tax (ie Exceptionally well priced)

For those of you outside the EU I have some good news.

As promised I have sharpened the pencil and reduced all of our pipe tobaccos to below our cost.

Why would I do such a barmy thing? 

1. My way of thinking is that there is no reason that we as consumers should be funding governments of countries in which we do not live. Fortunately most governments agree with this idea, but in practice they make it very difficult.

2. I need to get sales volumes up specifically on pipe tobaccos so that I can test the theory that I am able to draw back excise from the esteemed powers that be over at Customs and Excise. They have minimum drawback thresholds we have to reach to make a claim.

3. If this works the prices will remain super competitive. If not, then I will suck up the loss and we'll have to go back to normal prices. 

We don't have a huge selection at the moment, though we have more on the way. 

You can be sure that if we are able to do this we will soon have every pipe tobacco I can lay my hands on.

Please pass this along to your pipe smoking friends. I need to sell around 200 packs before C&E will even entertain helping us with this.

Deals are here (click link): MrSnuff Pipe Tobacco

Thanks to all,


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