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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

WoS Irish No. 22 - Medicated???

I am under the impression based on a TON of reviews that Irish No. 22 should be a toast similar to HDT. Except the small tin I just got from Mr. Snuff is not that. It has, I want to say, mint and maybe camphor in it (not a menthol expert here). If there is a toast element to it I couldn't tell you as the medicated elements are overwhelming anything else. Does this sound right to anyone? 


  • Any chance it smells like Anise & eucalyptus? That's what my first "Irish No22" was. There was a mislabeled batch going around, but my last couple No22s were correct.

    Was it a 5g by chance?
  • Heck, could be. I'm not overly familiar with anise but I am familiar with eucalyptus. While I don't really smell eucalyptus, mixed with something else could change it to a degree I don't recognize. 

    Yes, it was a 5g tin. 

  • Same thing happened to me.
  • It should taste like every other Toast on the market only better.
  • this seems to happen occasionally with Wilson's. 
  • @Cappadoc What about Irish No. 22 makes it the best toast in your opinion? As of right now I've only tried 2 toasts, HDT and Lime Toast, but I am not as excited about them as I hoped I'd be. I hoped for a more buttery, lightly toasted flavor but instead just get wood fire and scorched toast from the HDT. The Lime Toast is like a magic act, now you smell it, now you don't. Poof. Gone. Without a time machine to slow things down, I can't really judge it. 

    I dropped a note to MrSnuff letting them know of the issue. In the meantime, everyone avoid the 5g tins. 
  • Try SG Irish D, sold as GH Irish on MrSnuff!
  • @ar47 Will do! Thank you much.
  • @Notalynn I like most toasts, but 22 is my favorite unflavored Toast. Can
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    @Notalynn if a buttery finish is what you're after, then definitely try a 10g of Toque Natural Toast. I can't say how long the scent lasts compared to other plain toasts, but I find that in general, their scents don't last quite as long as flavored snuffs. If taken correctly, they can be snuffed more frequently, though.
  • Notalynn for buttery toasty flavor try the Dholakia Madras Toast.
  • @Cappadoc Your post got cut off. :-(

    @SammyD13 and @tobaccobob  Yay, I happen to have ordered both of those snuffs 2 days ago! Now I'm twice as excited to try them. Come on postal lady, bring me my toasts!
  • Dang glitch.
    I was adding that I really like the Toast and Marmalade and Lime Toast from Toque.
    I like the 22 better than HDT, cannot pin down the why. Toque Natural is also quite good.
    Whisky & Honey from Toque is my favorite Toast of all. The UK, not the US,
  • You'll have a mislabelled tin. I did too.
  • seems more likely with the 5 gram tins.

  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    @Notalynn don't forget to try Toque USA Whiskey and Honey. It's a must-have for toast lovers- or at least a must-try.
  • @SammyD13 I'm not a big whiskey fan, but you're right, I should give it a go. It's popular enough that I would feel remiss if I did not try it. 
  • I prefer the UK Whisky & Honey. The US is good, but very dry, fine and difficult for me to control depth of inhale.
    Both are worth trying,
  • @Cappadoc I've had USA W&H 3 (well 4 as @SammyD13 knows, but let's keep it simple) 3 ways: from a local tobacco shop where it spent a year on the shelf, from the bad old MrSnuff days where stock was stale (no longer the case), and bulk shipped direct from Toque.

    In case #3, distinctly unique from #s 1 & 2, - which I would call the only representative sample - USA W&H is not dry. Not bone dry at least. Also not particularly hard to take. And nice and strong.

    My personal and I believe in the minority taste though is that it's too toasted or too fired and it burns my smell receptors. Most smokey snuffs do. Samuel Gawith Irish D and the Sir Walter Scott's are my exception. Like USA W&H I do enjoy and appreciate the aroma & satisfaction of Iriah No22, but the way it affects my sense of smell I'm not willing to tolerate. I may as well smoke cigarettes. Also with smokey or overly toasted snuffs (incl' Toque) my wife says I smell like a campfire when I've had a bit. Not OK in contemporary business where, unless you're in ops, smoking and by extension smelling smokey is perceived as a weakness.
  • My only USA W&H was from Toque direct. Love the hit and the smell, but it is almost like a Scotch in burn and fineness to me. I have to be 100% keyed in to not oversniff.
    I can hit the UK version all day. It is my #1 Snuff.
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