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Has anyone tried this Indian snuff brand?

RS422RS422 Member
edited December 2018 in Types of Snuff


  • Nope, but looks interesting enough to send them an email to inquire
  • I haven't tried it, but I would pick it up for the beautiful jars alone!
  • msxmsx Member
    Guess there is still no chance to obtain them in Europe or the USA ?
  • Thanks for the link.  I wish they did internet retail.  :(
  • I tried to email them and it would not go through. I dont know if it was a problem with them or on my end. I was using Yahoo mail.
  • msxmsx Member
    @Mr_O i dont think that even when the email would reach them it would help at all. I wish it would but in my understanding most of the snuff makes in India dont have the possibility to serve the other side of the world. I bet @SixPhoto did a lot to do this kind of trade.
  • Yeah, probably true. I had to try, though. Maybe some day there will be a distributor that will make it possible.
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