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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

My crumbs of comfort

So the snuff taking has been going good. Im at about 2 grams a day. I figured i emptied a 10g tin and a half in about 7 days. I really enjoy the snuffing its comforting. I find my go to is the chocolate and then a little raspberry to clear the airways. Still trying to kick the smoking though. I guess its not about the nicotine for me. Its about the smoke. I still enjoy it i think but i dont want to do it anymore.


  • @tobaccoman what's the longest you've gone without smoking since you started snuffing?

    When I quit smoking almost a decade ago with early home made ecigs (which I quit with snuff) the Ah-Ha moment (I had no plan to quit cigs originally) started when I went a couple days without due to circumstance and I realized how much better food tastes. Then I had a scotch and Whoa I was sold after realizing how much value I was losing from things I love (food & booze) just for smoking.

    That transition of course was eased because I still had the oral action of ecig. But is there something that involves taste, smell etc that's important to you?

    Also not sure if this is relevant to you but in white collar professional society these days smelling of cigarettes has fallen from grace. I'm rarely in meetings anymore where anyone stinks and if they do they're the odd man/woman out. It's such a novelty that I believe my snuff habit is more acceptable. I've heard several times "at least you're not smoking."

    Don't get me wrong, I don't mind other people enjoying themselves and smoking. But these days it seems markedly more acceptable to have tattoos than to have smoke on you at the office (of which I wear neither).
  • @ar47
    I think i went about a day once but that was because i ran out. But other then that maybe 4 hours and i have cut down considerably.

    All my clothes probably smell like smoke. But the main reason i want to do it is so i can breath again. Possibly get better sleep. Im thinking that i might add on some snuss from a local shop when i drive to the city tomorrow. Although the prices are out rageous in canada. I thought oh i have 10 dollars on me for some dip. Ill just go to seven eleven. Turns out a can a single can is 18- 30 dollars. And after reading on reddit i found out they go for 1-5 dollars in usa. I was really craving nocitine last night. Typically thats when i would be furiously smoking.
  • Canadians have few friends for tobacco. Mr.snuff and toque are great for us.

    Dip your best bet is order the tubs of stokers from northerner or can from tough guy chew.

    Snus either order the tobacco free pouches or from tax free snus.

    Us canucks got it pretty bad
  • What snuffs are you currently taking? Maybe you need a good strong one. I stopped 7 years ago using viking dark and now almost any snuff can give me the buzz and the nic I need. Try a stronger snuff?
  • Oh sorry, crumbs of comfort? Try something with a bit more nic in it than that one. I think maybe that's a weaker type snuff.
  • Yeah and i found out after spending 25bux on a can of copenhagen. It was expired and in a puck in the tin lol. I got a refund and went around to every store in town. Figured they all must have the same supplier because they all had the same date. I want to order from northerner but i heard you get dinged every time on the taxs. I might make a trip up to the reserve near where i am and get a whole sleeve of chew.
  • I understand your struggle. I paid $36 for a can of Copenhagen once, lol. One thing to look out for: many gas stations (in my area of BC at least) stock a couple kinds of General snus. Around here it's about $25 for 24 pouches, or $40 for 48 pouches. Still outrageously priced, but I find a single pouch of snus gives me about as much nic as a small-ish lip of Cope. So a tin should last you a lot longer than a can of dip.
  • Last time I bought a tin of cope I think it was ~$2.80 in the late 2000s holy ...
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    No kidding I would be making my own with whole leaf! Taxes are getting more and more ridiculous!
  • the biggest problem with our hobby comes down to cigarettes. After years of having it drilled into their heads people think the problem is with the plant not with making a chemical melange that's inhaled into the lungs (a place tobacco smoke should not be). Taxes are high on tobacco because of cigarettes. The bitch of this is it's partially an engineered stance because medical professionals think harm reduction isn't viable, which they think because they're used to patients only half listening and twisting things. The annoying thing is we have the data that proves the danger between cigarettes and other tobaccos is pretty vast. Until that dumbness gets sorted we're gonna keep paying higher taxes and dealing with restrictions that are unfairly burdened on our hobbies
  • Ok, I did quit cigs with a pipe, then I quit the pipe with cigars, then I quit cigars with e cigs, then I quit e cigs with gum, then I quit gum with snuff. Its been a long route.... I hate all of it but not the snuff. The rest is a pointless waste of time and money. Sorry smokers...
  • @Sir_Rodney_Ffing pretty similar to my journey.  Cigs ==> cigarillos ==> Ecig ===> lozenges ===> snuff

    I only wish I could figure out how much nicotine I was getting from the snuff, that was one advantage with lozenges, I could better track my intake levels as it was standardized.  

    What I did notice is that single nostril snuff is just the right amount, two makes my head spin (these days), and I get the itch about every 2 hours on average.  Each snuff is about 0.06mg.  Through the day I am never lower than 9 snuffs and never higher than 11.  So around 0.54grams to 0.66 grams per day.  One cigarette has 1 gram of tobacco, but out of 9mg of nicotine most is burnt or gone up in smoke, leaving the smoker only making use of around 1.5mg.  However I've seen some quote numbers of > 30mg per gram of snuff, which I can't account for, since these weren't referencing rusticas and I'd guess the nic content would be similar to cigs.  I know this is completely off topic but I'm on a tangent here, would be great if this reaches the right person with more info on this.  Based on that 30mg per gram number that would mean I'm smoking the nicotine equivalent of 10 cigarettes but that seems hard to believe, it definitely doesn't feel like my blood nicotine levels are that high.
  • I got off cigarettes with Snus, it will deliver more than enough nicotine to squash the cigarette cravings.
    Snuff takes a while to be effective, It took me a year of using snuff before i could get any nicotine out of it. Now i can go almost all day without using snus. but i typically avoid snuff when i'm out in public.
    I bought snus online at sites like ... ... ... ... If those sites dont ship to you consider having some strong snuffs on hand for cravings like: ToqueUSA Whiskey & Honey ... Viking Thors Hammer ... Wilsons of sharrow Gold Label ... Toque Quit... Toque SP Extra ... Dragon Brand Madras
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