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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

Golden Roast by jaxon

edited January 2019 in Types of Snuff
Hi guys
Since I cannot find any discussion about this snuff I want make a review
I appreciate jaxon snuffs very much it was a casual discovery when they made me try some free tins
Golden Roast is coffee cream scented is quite moist and fluffy light brown and fine grinded.
When you open the tin you get a fine sweet smell like buiscuits and cappuccino
It is simple to take and the aroma is full and very pleasent In the nose you can feel all the sweetness and a background hint of coffee cream which lasts for a very very long time I mean a lot of hours in your nose
You can feel a good nicotine hit I use it sometimes in the night before sleeping and when I get up in the morning I have the nose full of this still Wow
So if you like sweet snuff You should try it


  • you can but should you? More importantly because you can what?
  • When I use punctuation my post is cut
    Is there a bug?
  • yes there is.
  • nice that makes sense. Sounds yumbulls (Bill Bailey fans will get that)
  • @bob
    I literally fell in love with this snuff
    It makes me sleeps well :)
  • @schmalzlerfranzl I'm a fan as well.  Like you mention, Jaxon's snuffs have typically very long lasting aromas.  Their snuffs with the sweet part present especially.  I find the Golden Roast to be the firmest hitting in regard to nose feel of the line.  My favorite though of Jaxon is Club Special.

    Dholakia Swiss Chocolate goes extremely well with the Golden Roast (in my opinion)
  • @ar47
    Glad you like it snd think the same as me
    And if I take more I fell a great nicotine hit so I have to be careful
    I am surprised of this super lasting aroma in the nose that is always good

    The other jaxon I love is Dukes Brown
    Not tried the others yet
  • Is it made by SG? 
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 2019 PM
    @Chico, not anymore. It's made either by WoS or McChrystal's now.

    @schmalzlerfranzl Is the Dukes Brown sweet as well or more on the plain side?
  • edited January 2019 PM
    @chico @volunge I knew they were made by SG and then by others but did not know now by Mcchrystals

    Dukes brown is listed as sp but it is very similar to silver dollar scotch and a bit to Black Rappee
    It is a plain tobacco fine grinded no scented very satisfying
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    Golden Roast has a unique and tasty scent. To my nose though, it suffers from guilt by association: air freshener. Call it a nose freshener! =D>
  • @schmalzlerfranzl, thanks, very interesting! I need to check that DB out.
  • edited January 2019 PM
    I think every nose has its taste
    The association to my nose is starbucks :P

    You are welcome
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited July 2019 PM
    @schmalzlerfranzl Describing it as "a plain tobacco fine grinded no scented", were you referring to old, pre-2017 Duke's Brown, sold in vacuum tins (SG-like), or the current version in WoS type tins?

    Just noticed DB, Golden Roast and some other Jaxons snuffs on offer at

    By the way, current Jaxons SP Premium is plain, fine and unscented, too.
  • @volunge
    I have only the large tins of 20 grams SG style
    I cannot see any new version at
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited July 2019 PM
    Duke's Brown was introduced in 2016. The first batch back then was manufactured by Samuel Gawith. It was sold in same 25 g vacuum tins as Samuel Gawith and Gawith Hoggarth snuffs. Duke's Brown was similar to Viking Brown back then. It was plain snuff.

    In 2017 contracted other manufacturer (WoS?) and continued to sell their now-entirely-different snuffs under the same names, as well as introduced some new ones (if my memory does not fail). Since then all Jaxons snuffs are sold in 20 g non-vacuum tins. These are the very same tins as WoS, J&H Wilson, McChrystal's and Hedges. Current Duke Brown is described as "light brown SP finely ground high quality snuff tobacco with a mixed scent flavour". Northerner mentions citrus note and floral element...
  • @volunge
    You are right sorry my mistake
    The tins are not vacuum and are different from SG tins
    Is unscented for what I know but I only used a tapbox of 10g he gave to me as a present
    I have now 4 tins WoS style unopened so I
  • Well, if you have the new Duke's Brown among those 4, it might suprise you. That is, you'll find it different to the previous version in a tapbox or vacuum tin. A brief review would be appreciated, if you have time (when you try it).
  • @volunge
    Now I am very curious
    He told me was the same and gave me the tapbox as a sampler in order to try it
    I will see...
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited July 2019 PM
    @yisraeldov made a video review of Duke's Brown last week:

    Current version is not plain anymore. Bergamot and other citrus flavours reported. I'll stick to SP Premium, I think it's the only plain snuff in Jaxons range.
  • @volunge
    If it is so I am a bit disappointed...
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