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Snuff and/or CBD health

Hi, to relax me sometimes I take tobacco snuff and sometimes I vape low CBD a non psychoactive product with terpenes (that comes with it in the eliquids I have).
I am wondering which of the two would be best for health, I guess it would be CBD but a pure snuff like SWS Latakia blend will relax me even more than CBD.  Snuff tends to dynamise the body as well which is not a thing that CBD does. Saying that CBD oil or eliquid does not contain polonium traces like snuff might have.


  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    Terpenes are available for purchase- either individually or in blends. Their aromatherapy properties are well-known. At some point, I plan on adding some to snuff. Getting the proportions correct would take some experimentation, though. Probably they would need to be diluted in an alcohol carrier for application.
  • whatever works neither of them should cause any serious issues so. Unless you have certain health issue like dangerously high blood pressure or a weak cardiac condition the snuff shouldn't harm you. And the CBD oil shouldn't harm you either so.... What gives you relieve and doesn't make anything worse. Also from my experience using both seems much more effective then either alone.
  • @bob Just a caution. Interactions of virtually all drugs are poorly understood at best. While I concur with your sentiment, pronouncing the combination harmless is not something I would personally engage in.
  • I find CBD oils give me very vivid dreams.

    But dang are they expensive!!! Now instead I will just vape an indica oil.

    Dry herb vaping works well but way easier to just grab a vape pen
  • @Zanaspus when two things have been around and in some form or another been used to together without any signs of problems. CBD oil maybe new as a product you can buy in that form, but it's part of something people have used a lot with tobacco and there has been zero evidence of that being any worse then using either alone. I may need more coffee then I've had yet. So if I didn't make sense I can try again.
  • Not to be a jerk, but if CBD relaxes you it is psychoactive by definition.
  • it doesn't get you high and it's really no more psychoactive then something like Tylenol or aspirin. It doesn't have any noticeable effect on cognition, though it's got a clear effect on anxiety inflammation and pain. So yeah more likely not primarily psychoactive. You can still drive your car without any worries.  
  • @bob I'm with you. It's just knowing the litigious state of the world, I'd hate to see, "well, bob on snuffhouse assured me..."
  • well that's why you should only give too types of medical advice. That which is harmless and that which kills people. It's hard to sue when you're dead.

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