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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

MrSnuff Loyalty Program?

Ladies & Hooligans,

In trying to lessen the weight of my bank account I'm looking to place another sizable order for snuff the shop in Manx (that also happens to fund this forum), MrSnuff.

I've spent a pretty penny there and had a 15% discount going through the loyalty program.  Going to check out just now though I find no discounts.  I went to My Account for clues and found this at the bottom of the page:

"Fatal error: Class 'ot_loyalty_discount' not found in /home/mrsnuff/public_html/account.php on line 76"

Is the Loyalty program no more or just down?  If down, when can you take my money (with the gentleman's discount)?


  • It seemed like the live chat on the site was down too. I wonder if @Amanda is still with MrSnuff? What are their other handles here?
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 2019 PM
    No more reward points at, earned through shopping and reviewing products. Loved to use them from time to time to redeem shipping fee. Well, nevermind. Now latest Poschl price jump is really strange, to put it softly. GBP 2.95 for 10 g tap box of Gawith Apricot? 2.44 for 5 g Ozona Cherry (et cetera)? C'mon! :)
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