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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Where do you buy your schmalzlers?

Anyone know of a decent international site? I threw a few bernards tapboxes in with my last order from and fell in love now I'm looking to buy something bigger.
It seems bernard don't do a bigger size so that seems to leave me with poschl, rosinski or sternecker if I can find some in stock. only has the bernard tapboxes. snuffstore wont ship International? (i get stuck on select payment type), mr snuff the shipping works out too expensive for the size of order that I am comfortable with trying to get past customs. Found lots of German sites that wont ship international. Current best I have found is probably direct from rosinski but thats not fantastic either with the international bank fees on top of the shipping. Any ideas?


  • bobbob Member
    that sounds like the long and short of it.
  • Thera are no Bernard schmalzler bulk
    Poschl has 100g packets of schmalzler and rosinski too
    I always buy from snuffmeuk without problems
    The most of german online store will not send anyrhing out from Germany due to european laws
    Snuffstore send worldwide
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 2019 PM
    @junior Try making your own. Simply add any refined edible oil or clarified butter / ghee (up to 18% by weight) to your favourite snuff and mix it really well.

    Try it with Toque Ambrosia (1 g of oil per 5 g of snuff will make it pretty much bernardish). I suppose Roderick could make greased Ambrosia as a bespoke schmalzler to you (if you happen to love the stuff). Even make the grind a tad coarser, if you wish.

    Or patiently wait for the Toque's new OTTO range with the announced "at least one schmalzer, made to a 19th century recipe" ( and hope Roderick will make it available in economy bags as well :)
  • I do love ambrosia but I think it needs more than oil to make it anything like bernards. I am waiting semi patiently for the new range with high hopes
  • @junior, true, Bernard schmalzlers are elaborate ones (ingredient-wise). Sternecker's were just tobacco and oil, Poschl A and Perlesreuter as well. Still, a schmalzler can be made without Brazilian tobacco / mangotes.
    I'm sure, pretty much any tobacco could be used for that purpose.

    Folks grind fresh schmalzler on the spot during their annual Schmalzlerfest in Perlesreut:
    I mean, they take it easy there. I doubt they use Brazilian baccy or run lengthy barrel fermentation.

    And just checked - Rosinski schmalzlers are made "exclusively from German and Polish tobacco".

    P. S. does not ship internationaly. does.

  • Just ordered a small assortment from Rosinski. I have a tin of toque blueberry that needs a little something to make it into rotation. Maybe I will try adding butter
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited January 2021 PM
    I used Extra virgin olive oil once mixed in a coarse ground snuff i made out of a dark cigar. 
    It was very good!

    What unflavored oils are there that can grease tobacco like schmalzlers?

    i mean can someone tell me a name of an oil product that you would use to make a schmalzler?
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited January 2021 PM
    I ve also used Olive oil in Toque Natural and turned out with a fluffy oiled smooth texture.

    The oiled Toque Natural allowed me to take bigger boxcars and it gave me a very strong and long lasting serious nicotine buzz (tears in the eyes and long lasting buzz similar to ntsu) with a long lasting and maybe a bit more pronounced tobacco aroma.

    Toque Natural with olive oil was one of my strongest snuffs. 

    @volunge have u tried olive oil in plain snuffs?
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 2021 PM
    @ALLex, I tried oiling snuff with refined canola oil twice and got very different results each time. I played with small amounts of snuff (about 5 g). On my first attempt I oiled dried-out neftobak, mixed with bone-dry Hedges, and it turned out good. I used that snuff in a couple days and made another one right away - it was good. I think I added about 10-12% oil by weight.

    My second attempt was a total failure. I added similar amount of oil to old SG Blue Crest snuff, which I flavoured with Columbian pine resin and menthol (it was really nice snuff before the addition of oil), and snuff developped an off-putting smell and acrid taste in just a few days; the oil I used was ok (refined; not expired; tasteless/odourless).

    I didn't notice any potency boost, but the snuffs I used were old.

    I have great experience with clarified butter and ghee and can recommend it as a reliable grease.
  • I miss the Sternecker ungefettet. I oiled it with Butterschmalz. Don’t know the english word for it. But that’s what schmalzlers should be. Fresh butter taste with tobacco is just great. You have to use it in a day or two. I made every day a little amount for the day. It was just great!
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 2021 PM
    @Hloridison, it's clarified butter. Not that different from ghee. Ghee is more aromatic. The manufacturing process slightly differs, but one can be substituted for another, when it comes to snuff and food. Both have long shelf life.

    Aged B. Geudertheimer, if it's still possible to source that leaf in Germany, might be a good base for schmalzler. Or any other dark air cured, raisiny leaf.
  • ALLex, that sounds very interesting.  I'll have a go tomorrow.  I wonder how long the olive oil will last before it starts going mouldy.
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited January 2021 PM
    @Roderick  I mixed 20g of Toque Natural with Olive oil in a mason jar. I used more oil than i was expected and it ended heavy but with a fluffy texture and feeling. 

    I ve mixed it 2 months ago and it still smells good and fresh!

    I am curious about how long it lasts too.

    Somehow the olive oil enhaces the aroma of the natural tobacco and give me a very slightly hint of a green scent. 

    It doesnt smell like olives or olive oil at all. 

    The olive oil made the pinch smoother and makes it easier to take bigger pinches without choking. And i think that the nicotine release is slower and longer lasting. Toque Natural is strong in nicotine if you can take a fat but smooth pinch (i prefer boxcar for this).

    @Roderick Let me know if you like it and your thoughts on that?
  • This might be good for a bespoke snuff.  I have looked into this and whereas olive oil mixed in snuff has a shelf life of 12-18 months our 100% natural Paraffin oil has an indefinite shelf life.  

    ALLex, How long did you leave it before you took a pinch?
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited January 2021 PM
    @Roderick I took a pinch instantly after making it, i couldnt resist.

    But after that pinch i left it for a week in the jar.

    Let me know if you make an olive oil bespoke. I would be very interested in trying it.

    I think the olive oil does good to the nose and the body in general.

    I got the idea because i am from Greece and here we have plenty of the best olive oils and we use it everyday pretty much in everything we eat. Its a greek snuff with a mediterranean nose sensation . :D
  • @Roderick when you ll try it please leave a feedback and let me know how it was for you.

  • Is Poschl's Gawith Original oil based?
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 2021 PM
    Yes. It contains about 12.8% mineral oil and 10% water. All Poschl snuffs contain both water and oil. Non-oiled is Neffa Bledi, which is made solely for France. Two oiled schmalzlers - Perlesreuter and Schmalzler A (Brasil) are water-free; oiled SF and D schmalzlers contain only tiny amount of water (less than 0.05%).

    Gawith Original (aka Apricot) ingredients:

    Spreadsheet with the ingredients of other German snuffs (Poschl, Bernard and Scandinavian Tobacco group): (those launched after 2011 and Poschl snuffs made solely for foreign markets (i. e. Italy, Austria, France and Switzerland) are missing; ingredients of Red Bull Strong Snuff are not disclosed).
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