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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

The Snuffbox Topic

Hello everyone
Since the topics about our snuffboxes are too old and the pics are gone away I want to open this discussion about our snuffboxes an snuffboxes in general
We can show here our items and talk about them giving infos and advices
If it is not correct due the other open topics you can delete this dicussion

I want to start here with my latest purchase


  • French double horn snuffbox with image of Saint Louis late 1800

  • Nothing so decorative here. Mine are quite utilitarian.


    3 Molens boxes
    3 Snuffhouse boxes
    4 Mr Snuff boxes
    1 Sharrow heartbox
    1 Patrick Collins Duplex.

    Not all are laden

  • Here is my snuffbox collection

    009 (3)
  • Molens still in use? I like that!
  • edited April 2019 PM
    Italian silver snuff box with St. Peter Church in Rome, early 1900

  • IMG_8167
  • Very nice!  I love the patina on that one.


  • edited April 2019 PM
    English silver chiselled snuffbox, Birmingham 1863
  • edited April 2019 PM

  • IMG_7580
  • KhefKhef Member
    edited April 2019 PM
    Nice.@ schmalzlerfranzl I can't wait to hit up our local flea markets/Bazar. My wife about dropped dead when I said I'd go antiquing with her.
  • @Khef vintage market are the best and I hope you find some good stuff
  • tmp-cam-933755317351408368


    One "snuffbox for snuffbox" for my daily snuff and Pope John for Toque USA W&H recently (actually the box was designed for rosary pendant but is suprisingly air tight)
  • I use those coin tins that are on eBay. Screw capped and airtight. I will put some pics of my boxes on asap.
  • @schmalzlerfranzl your beautiful English silver box was likely meant to be a receptacle for keeping pipe tobacco. Snuff boxes from the Victorian era tend to be rectangular, smaller, and almost always with wider (and shielded) hinges. Nevertheless, a very nice example! 
  • @Johano I have one of those rosary boxes with Pope John Paul II on it that I got for my communion, exact same design never used it for snuff but it seems like it would work good as a tabletop snuffbox.
  • edited August 2021 PM
    Just got the Russian lacquer box today and the bottle this past week. Bernard's KM goes in the box and Viking Blonde in the bottle.
    Edit: I fail at posting photos. Please help!
  • edited August 2021 PM
    Can't upload a photo for some reason using my phone. Will try again later. Sorry about that.
  • DocHollidayDocHolliday Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    I have one of those metal coin boxes that opens/closes via metal threads. But its too tiny to get my fingers in for a pinch! I’ve tried using a tiny metal spoon which I think I ordered from an online head shop of some kind. Don’t think the spoon was mean’t for snuff! Anyway…by the time I’ve unscrewed the top and managed to get the tiny spoon full of snuff, I’ve kind of lost the urge. LOL!

  • Just reusing empty tins now, I lost my long serving Sharrow's wooden box walking the dog. I hope whoever found it will enjoy the Mysore Sandalwood it contained. 
  • Is a sliding lid box in need of the magnets I've seen on some? If given a choice would that be preferable.
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited April 10 PM
    @Herfordshire I have both versions of the sliding box. The two I own without magnets proved nice tight fits especially following a thin coating of beeswax along the runners and at either end.
  • Thank you..I just got a flap type st Claude one on eBay literally today...I have been using a green dragon tin that does the job really's actually quite nice snuff now and then also.
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