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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Six Photo MG Madras

I have lately found a new mainstay in Six Photo MG (Monika Grover) Madras snuff. For me the scent is just a touch of burnt tobacco which likely comes from the process of frying the tobacco in ghee. It has the effect of actually seeming like I've just taken a drag off a cigarette by the scent left in the nose. I use snuff to help me quit smoking and this really fits the bill in a way no other snuff has. I originally ordered the thimble and am halfway through and have already placed an order for the 100g tin. This would place in my top 5 or 6 snuffs (Six, get it?). If you're thinking about it, get a thimble or two, they're reasonably priced. You can always get more later.


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 2019 PM
    6P MG Madras is one of the strongest snuffs I have ever tried.

    In terms of nicotine delivery I find it on a par with Toque USA Whiskey & Honey, V2 Thunder, Taxi Red and Icelandic Neftobak.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    I agree with all of the above. For me, it has been the best Indian snuff so far- also being very easy on the nose (even in large pinches).
  • PikeyPikey Member
    Yeah I think I might be Sixphoto's MG Madras biggest fan . Haven't tried it in the little pot because I tend to always prefer the bigger pots of sixphoto . I would buy this in bigger sizes again too .

    Think I'm on my third 100 grammer now, love the stuff , stores well , tendency to lump up a little bit in the fridge, snuffs easily .

    I don't find it quite as turbo-charged in nicotine as many other users . However I do find it endowed with minor alkaloids. Find it very satisfying.

    I was looking to get a pound of the  stuff but the price went right up recently so I'm hanging out for free shipping or something
  • Still an awesome snuff , surprised it isn't getting more regard from our plain tobacco enthusiasts . 

    I just love the stuff . Been snusing for a while for health reasons  but as soon as I had a bit of nose power  I was straight back on the MG . :) 
  • Hi @Pikey! There are quite a few MG fans aboard. Most of them just don't frequent the  "Nose" thread, and this dedicated one sank. I went through a few boxes of small tubs and one 100 grammer. A true pleasure!
  • Count me in!
    One of my favourites and I dont frequent the nose thread too....just lazy

  • Heya bud . Yeah I've been cyberstalking your posts this avo :D Already got 100 G of that Janta brand madras on order to have a looksee .

  • @Pikey how is the janta Dragon madras?
  • @ALLex . My tub came a little drier than I'd like . I've got tins of MG in storage that have barely changed since launch day . They seemed packed in similar ways but mine was clearly drier than intended . Nowt wrong with the scent and the tobacco though . I'll just add a couple of drops of food grade oil  before I have a proper session with it . 
  • @Pikey where did you ordered? I just received email from snuffstore that its coming to me.. Can't wait to try it, hope it won't be stale
  • @Pikey @Johano me too i ve ordered it and i would probably have it in my mailbox this Friday!
    Excited to try this snuff, its my first madras snuff.
  • No chance of the snuff being stale lads , it's a new product and not been on the shelves long enough :) .

    I did find it a touch drier than I'd like though . One of the joys of MG Madras is it's a strong snuff that is easy to snort . So that's why I'm wanting to oil the Dragon Madras up a bit before having a blast :)

  • ar47ar47 Member
    MG madras is instant satisfaction but very short lived. The nature of the beast I suppose. Or maybe I don't snuff enough at once because I feel satisfied after the first couple micro-pinches
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 2020 PM
    @ar47, try packing your nose with MG like you would with a schmalzler in a Bavarian snuff taking contest. Well, maybe half of that amount, actually.. Large pinches leaves me content for fairly long time.

    @Pikey, the Dragon is indeed drier than MG, but it isn't that dry as it seems. It never hit my throat, going through the freebie thimble. Interested to know, do you find it a tad sourish, too?
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @volunge what is this thimble??
  • @ar47, small plastic 8 g tub :)
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 2020 PM
    @sixphoto, any plans to supply mrsnuff/snuffstore with M.G. Madras in 35 g tins? I noticed this size is available in Russia, but it's too complicated to order from Alexey. This would be the size of my choice, if it were stocked at MrS/SS.

    Six Photo MG Madras 35 g tin
  • Mg Madras is packed only in 2 sizes 6g and 100 g . There is no plan to add another size anytime soon , since we have our hands full at the moment.  The same packing is supplied to Russia as well.
  • @sixphoto, Thanks for the reply. I got an impression Alexey re-packages some snuffs by himself, but wasn't sure.
  • Just bought a 100g tin MG Madras, wondering if i have to store it in the fridge, anyone know?
    Would likely take 2-3 months for me to finish it.
  • @Bryceton certainly not necessary from my experience
  • I remember fondly about a time approx three years back when @Gokul and I used to interact most about snuff. He was the one to let me know about Madras snuffs in general. Since then I had procured and used a few Madras snuffs like NB Madras and SVS Madras but their availability was an issue. I was also a newbie and favored snuffs with pronounced fragrance over plain snuffs. Over a period of time my preference just reversed.  

    This is one of my all day every day snuffs and I have more than 300 grams stocked away in glass jars just in case the tins give up keeping it fresh. Was glad to keep in touch with Vikas @sixphoto over the development of this snuff and being a small part of his experiment and development cycle. Was truly humbled! I intend to never run out of this snuff.
  • May I ask: who is Monika Grover?  She must be pretty important to have earned her place on such a lovely snuff. I've done some searching but nothing stands out particularly.
  • I think she is Vikas' boss...:-)

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 2021 PM
    Quite a few guys believe that M. G. is a Bollywood star ;). The inscription "INDIA STAR" gave them a "hint", I suppose.
  • Silly me, googling when I should have been searching snuffhouse!  Per Vikas himself here:

    "This MG snuff has been named in appreciation of  MONIKA GROVER , my wife for 23 years."
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