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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

What is the difference between Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown and SG Original KB

Does anyone know the difference between Kendal Brown plain and Original Kendal Brown ? both made by Samuel Gawith.
I have the tin that just says Kendal Brown, and there is hardly any scent to it ..just like raw tobacco, but it certainly has a nicotine kick, which is what i am after...but im thinking the Original Kendal Brown may have a better kick. does anyone know ?


  • dan11dan11 Member
    Have you tried F&T HDT? It's delicious, I think you'd like it!
  • eblipeblip Member
    Yes dan ...the toasts are not to my liking..I won't ever be having one again..dont get a buzz off burnt plastic taste...disgusting..I wouldnt give HDT to my worst enemy.
  • bobbob Member
    I think one is unscented and the other is heavily perfumed. I could be wrong. But I think that's the difference.
  •  KB Original has a Citrus / Lime scent while Brown is natural 

  • Let me clarify that last post a little.  When I say "citrus" I mean the tart Citric acid aspect, not anything fruity.  Same for the Lime, it's more like slaked lime and quite alkaline.  Nice nic kick too.

  • The KB Original is not in stock at and and Does anybody know, when they will be back?
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