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Is snuff taking over your life ?

I'm quite new to snuffing, and i work from home, but I find I am snuffing like a crazy drug addict all day, I have one snuff, then think hmm lets try some toast, then hmm that tom buck is nice..and at the moment this is ongoing throughout the day.
I'm hoping this is just my excitement and pleasure of finding a new great hobby, taking snuff.
was wondering will this wear off soon, so i can snuff as i used to smoke, Just when i need it, and not spend the rest of my days in snuff city.
I am currently like a child in a sweet shop, a connisseur of snuff...


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited June 2019 PM
    Same here - home-working freelancer, snuffing like a madman. It's super easy to go up to 150 g a month with WoS. I bet you'll soon discover potent South African and Indian stuff or even will get hooked on snus.
  • eblipeblip Member
    edited June 2019 PM
    Yes volunge, i have heard about the ntsu and taxi ...but im giving them a miss, I think the kendal brown gives me a proper good hit and the samuel gawith black rappee. Ill avoid the super hard stuff, as one of the youtube guys recons that once you get into them, it renders all other snuffs weak..and i want to savour the snuffs. I wont be trying the snus, as that stuff i know i will love, and its just too dangerous, my feeling is its much more dangerous than snuff as it makes a good contact with the mouth wall and i would sit with it there for hours on end, plus its easy to get bacterial infections.and the reason i went to snuff in the first place was because i wanted to give my mouth a break from nictoine as i had been chewing 12 to 15  4mg nicorette gum every day for 10 years...and i think i should move to nose for maybe 10 years or so...then after that maybe back to mouth with cigar or pipe.godda rotate your surfaces....i did 20 years lung with smoking...10 years mouth gum with chewing gum...and now revved up for 10 years nasal.
    I think ill skip the anal.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @eblip case in point, we're on a forum discussing snuff :D yes for the last 15 months it's taken up a good part of my life. I won't leave the house without it and like you I work from home half the time and throughout the day it's a snuff cornucopia rotating through my desk drawer. I have a "snuff closet" and a "snuff fridge" where I keep almost every snuff I've been able to acquire over the past year and change.

    I wouldn't be terribly concerned about disrupting your tolerance with the different snuffs, but I too avoid snus and that's part of the reason. There are snuffs of both great refinement and great strength, and here I mean Sir Walter Scott snuffs with Rustica, specifically St James Parish Blend. When I go on a strong snuff kick I usually am surprised afterward how satisfying a WoS is - there's more to snuff that appeals to the body & mind than the nicotine.
  • PennanngalanPennanngalan Member
    edited June 2019 PM
    Yes, though I chose to make it my only source of nicotine beforehand.

    I will add, when I am not at home I do not run through nearly so much.  I find that I use snuff at the same rate I used to smoke, when not in front of this computer.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    I always have at least 5 different snuffs on me. There's a daily rotation of about 12 (except when travelling). I snuff several times per hour from waking to about 9pm. I take snuff covertly in public by a variety of means. It hasn't taken over my life, but it's certainly an obsession. It takes some work to keep it all going. Just being addicted to nicotine and using snuff exclusively is a high-maintenance proposition. A minority of snuffs are truly high in nicotine, but even these don't satisfy for long when a tolerance has been developed.
  • I cannot live without snuff anymore
    I have always snuff with me and when I leave the house I have always 2 snuffboxes with 2 different snuffs even when I go out for running or when I am in gym
    I am addicted by far :)
  • eblipeblip Member
    I guess im lucky...i seem to be getting by now rotating 2 or 3 snuffs.
    as long as i have kendal brown or black rappee for my main...and then a tom buck for aroma..i find i'm quite the happy chappy...hopefully ill get by on 50g or each per month..which isnt goint to be too expensive...Im from england and that will cost me like 10 pounds a month.
    Previously I was spending about 13 pounds a week on nicotine its a great saving of about 40 pounds a month ..and far more enjoyable ..truly enjoyable.
  • I have a ton of different snuffs, and usually just use 2 or 3, with a few change of pace once in a while. But I'd be perfectly happy with just 2 or 3.
  • My snuff consumption goes in fits and starts. I have been hitting it quite hard today, but have had bouts of going several weeks without. I tend to use less than 25g a month, but I have enough stashed away from my earlier over exuberance to last me a few decades. It never took over my life, but did take over my wallet for a while.
  • I wouldn't change a word from what @50ft_trad said!

  • Thanks Bob :D
  • We are all addicted to snuff! I think about snuff, read about snuff, look through boxes stashed in my closet and under the bed. I have snuff in the freezer in the fridge in drawers, in my truck. I don't know what I would do without it! Reading the above posts makes me feel like I'm not alone in my love of the Brown Powder.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Many times I've turned the car around because I was so negligent to leave home without it!
  • I use snuff, as other forms of tobacco (pipe and cigars) in non-regular cycles. I can't leave home without some snuff since two weeks ago, after like 5 months without any form of tobacco. I would be happy if snuff just gets to be a fixed part of my routine for the next years to come, but I know that this behavior will diminish to the point of almost extinction in a few months, just to get back when I need it. I'm happy with that. 
    Snuff is a faithful and respectful friend.
  • eblipeblip Member
    Ive thrown my stale snuffs in the car...if ever i leave home without a nice fresh beautiful snuff, ill settle for stale taxi red and stale ntsu..from the glove compmartment.
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