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Am I getting the same effect from less snuff ?

Im still new to snuffing, i have been snuffing for a couple weeks now.
My technique has improved, but i am finding that it currently feels like I get the same effect and pleasure from small pinches, as i do from large pinches.

Has anyone else found that ?

I was snorting pea sized chunks, and now i seem to get the same effect from a small pinch..
Im trying to find out, is larger pinching mostly a waste of snuff, maybe it gets swallowed or caught up or too much to absorb..

Please let me know your thoughts.


  • bobbob Member
    weirdly as you snuff longer you'll absorb more of the nicotine. It might be because of the technique getting better. I think the body gets more acclimated to the snuff as a nicotine delivery system. There is also the possibility that it's a combination of both. Either way it's been documented that after snuffing for a while the snuffer will get more nicotine into their system then they did at the start.
  • I find the opposite is true, small pinches do nothing for me but leave a scent, when I need nicotine satisfaction only multiple big pinches will do.
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