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If you could only have one make of snuff for the rest of your life, what would it be ?

Im wondering if you could only have one snuff product and no other for the rest of your enitre life, which would you choose ?
for me at this moment in my snuff life, I havent tried that many, but the winner so far is KB special samuel gowith.
maybe NTSU is better, i'll find out next month, as i have a lot of snuff to go at for now, or maybe princes, that is in the post.



  • ar47ar47 Member
    If it came down to it and I had to choose, it would be a Sir Walter Scott. SJP Blend, Golden Horn, Roselin or Havana Toast
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited June 2019 PM
    Neftobak (Icelandic snuff). Or... my own homemade equivalent (coarse and moist).
  • dan11dan11 Member
  • SG SP Scotch
    SG Kendal Brown
    SG Vanilla
    WoS Best Dark
    WoS Thyme and Lemon
    Wos Tom Buck
    Toque Berwick Brown
    Toque Spanish Gem
    Mullins and Westley Mature Crumbled

    Plain snuffs like London Brown, Thors Hammer, Toque Plain Coarse, SG Yellow Crest, Viking Blonde, or WoS Natural, scented with a little highly perfumed snuff such as one of the FT range.

    I could probably stick with ANY of the above and be quite satisfied. In fact I have stuck with just one for weeks at a time, and been content. However, I have a sufficient quantity of each of them, plus many others, to never be stuck with just one, and I tend to have at least two snuffs accessible at any time. Right now, it's a tin of Toque Raspberry and an organic snuffbox mix in that I keep topping up with something different whenever it gets down to a quarter full. I've totally lost track of what's in there, but it's great.
  • WoS Rose
    WoS Crumbs of Comfort
    6P Motia
    6P Medicated No1
    6P Chocolicious
    Pinewood Ice
    Poschl Original 

    Begs the question why have I got so many others, and such fickle tastes.

  • Either SG Irish D or Toque Natural Toast for me, though Toque Ambrosia might be my pick if I could get my nose to stop leaking!
  • F and T High Dry Toast
  • bobbob Member
    Toque natural snuff
  • Easy! I would take any strong, plain, fairly dry and fairly fine snuff. Such as the NC Madras that I just bought 3 kilos of. It's excellent as-is, and can really easily be modified into medicated and/or scented. Would this be ideal? No, but it would work.

    Hand-crafted pens and other
  • Toque USA whiskey & honey
  • There are so many good ones out there but I'd have to say Toque USA Whiskey & Honey for me as well. 
  • edited August 2019 PM
    Ohhh it is weird
    Difficult question like asking if you love more dad or mum or your son or doughter or which song do you prefer
    Maybe today I say Elmos reserve or black rappee or Bernard magic moments
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    That's a really tough one. Toque USA Whiskey and Honey. There are other snuffs I may respect and savor more, but the W&H always does the trick. The scent never gets old, like the smell of a woman, or a cologne you really love. I always travel with mass quantities of the WH.
  • Only ever had HDT, WoS Irish 22, Samuel G Menthol, and WoS Bee M.  Of these WoS 22 is the one I'd miss the most, by a good margin.  I'm taking pinches from a tin I cracked over five years ago and I still enjoy it.
  • If price isnt a factor in this parallel universe I would take schmaltzlerfranzl. If I have to pay for it I would take spanish gem.
  • Creme de Figue, Thrice Brewed, Havana Toast, or St. James Parish.
  • It would have to be a pretty vile aroma'd snuff for me not to take whatever snuff is the only one available ever.

    And pragmatically, if it's only one snuff that I can have for the rest of my life then I'd choose a moist, coarse and plain one. Because my nose will adjust to any aroma, it can always lose moisture and always be ground down. So there are still chances for variation of the only one make of snuff for the rest of my life. Maybe clove scented to help cover any potential body odor ;)
  • bobbob Member
    the one I just got in the mail today. The Sambac jasmine on a smokey medium base. Damn that shit is good. 
  • Crumbs of Comfort
  • I could survive for a lifetime on Gawith's Lavender or Molens Prins Regent. Alas, this is not to be.
  •   I can't decide between Toque Quit and Spanish Gem.....
  • Probably a toast. Hdt or TNT. I guess. Wouldn't be thrilled I'm this scenario...
  • This is a choice that I wouldn't want to make, and that is why I have a very good supply of different snuff.
    Yet if a choice had to be made, at the moment it would be SG Kendal Brown, but really there are a number of course snuffs that I like 
  • Hedges L260,   or  F&T Old Paris.

    "for the rest of your life."     reminds me of a very, very old joke.

    A woman returned from the doctors and placed a  bottle of tablets on the table.  
    She said to her husband " the doctor told me that I will be on them for the rest of my life."
    He glanced at small bottle of tablets, and said "by the size of that bottle, he doesn't expect you to live long."


  • Otto Chancellor accept no substitute!
  • edited April 2020 PM
    It would be everything i have ever tried and liked in one tin....

  •  I wonder if in a few months i will have another answer....

     Mullins & Westley Particular, which i am in love with at the moment.
  • The Madras types. No doubt about it. I'll settle for the locally available DS Madras snuff.
  • Right now Toque Lavender
    Doc Holliday
  • Irish toasts, heavy dark ones live Viking Dark, Dark Rappee, Scotch Dark. Like not live(auto fill in). I have a lot of those two types plus many Indians scented and non.
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