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Is there anyone here that only uses 1 type of snuff ?

Is there anyone here that only uses 1 type of snuff, if so what snuff is it ?


  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    edited June 2019 PM
    Yes, me. I only use the nasal type :)

  • Can't top that answer
  • Dear @eblip no need to get angry....I dont think the previous fellow snuffers were trying to be ironic.It's just a joke(as you can see by the smiling face that @Rogue used)Ok,maybe an arctic one but hey,if all of you were in a bar you probably find it very nice(it's not bad...)
    You didn't get an answer because the use of one brand is mostly a habit of the cigarette smokers probably...
    We the snuffers or pipe smokes,or cigar smokers,or snusers etc., like variety,because for us, tobacco is a pleasure and not an addiction.
    Ok maybe some guys that buy their snuff locally and dont use the internet,might use one snuff but I think these may be one-two among thousands...hope this answers your question!
    Cheers and happy snuffing in peace!

    p.s.excuse my english(not my native language)
  • TigerJackTigerJack Member
    edited July 2019 PM
    @ tobaccobob ,,,,,,, Who's angry ? I don't get it, I do not see any statement from him that indicates being angry in any way what so ever !!!!   OH he did get a answer !!!! Two to be exact before you stepped in. I be thinking you had to much to drink tonight !!!

  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    Sorry, my fault. I deleted eblip's nasty, inflammatory comment. I should have deleted tobaccobob's comment too.
  • i am becoming more brand loyal lately but to a few snuffs. i still use a variety of snuffs but i need my F&T HDT or Seville to be fully satisfied. i always have these on hand. i also keep a tin of O&G and cheeta open at all times for when i need a menthol or a high nicotine snuff. if im really craving some nicotine, its gonna be one of those 4. when i snuff for pure pleasure, i use  one of the many different snuffs i have
  • At this point I'd be overjoyed to have only Sam Gawith Black Rappee to snuff.  This is because I just ran out of snuff about a month ago (there is NO snuff for sale where I live) and I've been tearing through my carefully horded cigar and pipe tobacco stash.  Hell, I've even smoked a few cigarettes in the last month.

    I'm still waiting on two orders (that have been payed for) from this March and last November!  Despite multiple contact forms filled out they won't call or email me!  It was just irritating until the snuff ran out, now I'm furious and feel like they stole over 120$ from me.
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