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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Digital copy of "The Book Of Snuff And Snuff Boxes" by Mattoon M. Curtis

Here's some good info on snuff and snuff boxes. Enjoy.


  • @rostanf Thanks! Its always interesting to read and snuff and snuff accessories I always feel pipes (which I love) get more attention when it comes to historical resources and info etc so its great to get some for snuff too Ive posted a couple of bits on here so fingers crossed we can get an online library of sorts going :)
  • You're welcome. Agreed and fingers crossed here as well. I am most interested in snuff boxes as opposed to snuff bottles. It seems info on boxes is greatly lacking or just flippantly applied to any small box that seems old. Cheers.
  • Yeah I agree
    I have a small collection of pewter snuff boxes that I will post on here soon
    But a lot of the time when you see snuff boxes for sale they could be old pill or trinket boxes

  • And check out this link, loads of interesting info scattered there:
  • rostanfrostanf Member
    edited August 2019 PM
    @BillSykes I'm excited to see them, thanks. @volunge thanks for the links!
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