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How do you decide what to snuff?

Maybe this is just me, but as my collection grows, I have a harder and harder time settling on something to snuff. Typically I'll grab a toast just to avoid having to think too hard about it... whenever I try to shake things up, I end up with 20 tins on my desk :P Do you guys make a conscious effort to rotate, or just follow your noses? 


  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    edited July 2019 PM
    I usually have quite a few within reach while I am at home. I try to focus on an assortment of tins that have been opened. The weather seems to affect which type of snuff seems to be appropriate. Definitely a lot of rotation. I approach it like I would choose a snack or a beverage. Might be for the best if you try not to overthink it.
  • It's easy to decide when collection is small. I reduced my stash to some favourite stapple varieties. I'm happy when I have something moist and coarse and something fine and dry at hand. Love to treat myself with a sweet and refreshing pinch as well. That simple.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    I just ask myself "What should the world smell like today?" ...then I find something appropriate..I like warm scents when its cold, and cold scents when its warm..strong scents to wake up and flush my nose, mild when goin to bed.

  • bobbob Member
    depends. Sometimes I feel like having a certain snuff. Other times just grab one and see what happens. Of course that's when I have more then two types which is not something that happens often.
  • There's a simple logic path here.

    What's nearest? Do I want that, or do I need to get something else?
    If what's nearest has dried, it'll go for rehydrating while I use something else. If not, I'll load a second snuffbox. I keep no more than two snuffboxes loaded at any time.

    The stash is split between sealed stuff kept for the future, and a smaller live stash for dispensing from. When it's time to refill a snuffbox, I'll choose from just that smaller array, no matter what other delights might be sealed away for the future. Currently that live stash has over 20 snuffs, so I'm not short of choice.
  • I've certainly got some inspiration now for simplifying my own rotation... simple pleasures ought to be simple, but alas, there's nothing on earth immune to my overthinking. Think I'll start going by the "grab one and see" rule! 
  • ar47ar47 Member
    I have a floor to ceiling custom closet that's about 18" wide inside with shelves every 18". It's only for snuff and it's pretty full. Each shelf has snuff of a different country of origin, with Britain taking two (one SG, GH & J&H, the other Toque, Jason's, McChrystal & dryer SWS). Then I also have a mini fridge for the more moist artisan snuffs (some SWS like Creme de Figue & Roselin, Gadsden mills, Rosinski's portfolio)

    How I choose is usually just opening the closet and letting my eye fall on one. The British snuffs are eye height and I also happen to use them the most. The snuff fridge is out of sight out of mind usually and so those are left to mature most days.
  • edited November 2019 PM
    I usually grab the same variation of snuffs for my day:  Toque quit, a toast, Toque peanut butter, cheeta..
    but at the end of the day i find that what i reached for when needing a sniff was Toque Quit. During my work day
    my time to snuff is short and Quit delivers the biggest hit of nicotine..the others are only for playing ..when i need that hit, i always reach for the Quit.  (toque quits motto?)

        It's all about the buzz for me. 

    edit: after having said that i remembered how strong cheeta is, so at work it's usually Quit or Cheeta. If i only have a few seconds to spare, a finger dusting of cheeta will take me to space. If i have more time, i enjoy the buzz and flavor of Quit. 
  • Damn near random, maybe trending toward more of the Toque USA ones.
  • I use to have maximum four different snuffs open.

    Mostly a Schmalzler, an SP or Toast, a mentholated snuff or a mixture of these.

    Mostly it depends on my mood and the taste I want to have.

    And which time of the year... fruity tastes I use to take more often during the warm time of the year; the heavy tastes in cold months.
  • DocHollidayDocHolliday Member
    edited February 2020 PM
    Hi ar47,
    I would love to see photos of your snuff closet. It sounds fantastic! I had a heck of a time figuring out how to post photos here, even with all the advice I received. But in your case, a photo or two would please us all, I think.
    Doc Holliday 
            Is unus bibliotheca magna , He is in himself a great library. 
  • What is in my box is what is in my nose.
  • I follow my insticts and snuff what i want
  • edited March 2020 PM
    i used to try everything but now only snuff crumbs of comfort. I adore the stuff. 
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