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Transferring snuff

I am wondering if there is a rule for moving snuffs around. I take out bits from bigger containers into smaller ones. And am starting to get a metallic smell. Perhaps it's the spoon I am using. The spoon itself doesn't emit an aroma, but maybe once it touches the snuff it does. It's an old spoon, but looks plated like with chrome perhaps. Do you guys use plastic for moving it around is this a golden rule?


  • Stupid me, it's from the outside of the tin, every time I open the tin... just sensitive to the smell I guess. I'll have to get a couple plastic smash boxes.
  • Not that I have heard of.  I have a metal snuff spoon from mr. snuff that works fine, but the end of a pen cap also works just fine.  From what I have gathered on here so far snuffs will tend to take on the aroma of plastic containers if stored long term.  AFAIK metal tins generally do not suffer from this problem.  Keeping the snuff at a minimal exposure to air is generally a good rule, I think, so keeping your main stash sealed airtight in a glass jar except to fill a smaller container for personal use is probably a very very good idea. 
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