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Magic Toque 6P blends

edited August 2019 in Snufftaking
Just had to share this and I feel it deserves its own thread.  I have tried with underwhelming results to find a good blend for my Toque snuffs (I have 10 tins plus an additional 20 or so non-toque snuffs in my collection atm)

6P Chocolicious + Toque St. Clements 1:1
6P Coffee Kick +  Toque SP Extra  1:1

Heavenly sniffs.  Haven't been too excited about any of them on their own but this week I won't leave the house without a bullet full of one blend and a tea tin full of the other.

Just for kicks I blended it all together and added some lime toast... but all the distinctive profiles are obscured rather than complimented and pronounced.

Viking Blonde also helps those 6P's last a lot longer... totally decent at an 8:1:1:1 blend with Cheeta for boost... absolutely delicious actually... but that citrus is where the magic is, to my schnozz. 

That's all the luck I've had with my experiments so far.  Hopefully I'll have better luck with Toque-only blends as my limited options begin to expand with future orders.  The thread on that looks amazing and I can't wait to place my next order!


  • I mentioned in another thread about mixing toque quit and Berwick brown 1;1. My main reason for doing it was to get a little extra nicotine and make it easier to take as the bb is more coarse. Also I find it even easier to take when it dries out a bit.
  • Can't wait to try Berwick on my next 10 for 9.  Ive got Quit in my nose now and I agree that it seems like a good one for mixing with coarse snuffs wanting in the N department.  I guess I'm getting too flavor happy being so new to it and not yet wanting to spend much time experimenting with subtler blends that might smooth out some of the profiles, ala Quit + Cherry Menthol. 
  • It's important to, as my gamer friend used to say, dupe patch and tinker your way to figuring stuff out.
  • I tried my hand yesterday and am pretty happy how my Toque + 6P + others turned out

    I had a Babayon Blue tub with about 3 grams of snuff left. The container doesn't seal perfectly so it was fairly dried out from carrying it around. I added water until the snuff was sopping wet, then stirred every hour or so with the lid off through the day. Once it lost enough moisture it fluffed up to about fill the tub, but still much too moist to snuff. To this I slowly added a couple pinches at a time of other snuffs and stir the mixture. In the end I added about a gram of Toque Grapefruit and a gram of 6Photo Cheeta Chhap Gul. Then finished with a couple large pinches of McCrystal's Highland Ice. Adding these drier snuffs brought the Babaton base to the right moisture level - like when it came fresh from MrSnuff.

    It has the leathery aroma of the Babaton, a hint of citrus from the Toque, the nose feel and punch of the Cheeta with just enough medication to keep the nose free and open. I'm sure there's some further refinement opportunities but it's quite nice and I got the idea from you guys.
  • Cheeta and Toque Lime is great. Green kitty,
  • @Cappadoc usa lime or lime toast? 

    I've been experimenting with another combo and found a ratio that's working well.

    2 parts Camphor and Clove to 5 parts Begum Green.  Dials back the clove and adds a vanilla sweetness and some menthol.  Ideal spiciness and medication.  Yum!
  • USA Lime, but lime toast would also be good.
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