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Sir Walter Scott back in stock


 I just got my bespoke snuffs from toque and I have to say if you have a dream snuff talk to Roderick about it. I am very pleased with what I got.


  • I have so many dream snuffs, but seriously after all these years I still have not even been through the entire Toque lineup. Soon though, I am closing in on the last few in the next month.
  • Jasmine not from Qsnuff has always been a dream of mine too @Roderick
  • I'd love something like Pure Virginia Toast.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    I'd like a double Ambrosia/Spanish Gem on a Natural Toast base.
  • bobbob Member
    @ar47 the I wanted a Sambac Jasmine snuff and Roderick hit that out of the park. I am not the best at describing scents but it's like a more manly Jasmine, a little muskier and richer. Weirdly it's very gentle on my nose and system. I might have to actually order it again soon since I've been going through a mad amount of it.
     @Epitango that sounds awesome. I've been thinking myself of seeing if he could make snuffs that are composed of different tobaccos the way certain pipe tobaccos are. I imagine that might be more expensive but worth it!
    @SammyD13 still haven't tried the Ambrosia guess that's going to be on the next order.
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    @bob I might have to order some of that! I have been missing the WoS jasmine.
  • Just get in touch. We're ready and waiting.
  • I seriously recommend this. I am super happy with the two snuffs I always wished someone would make.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    @Roderick how much do we have to order to get the Jasmine and how do we order it?

    I'm about to place an order with MrSnuff - any way to combine them?

    Also what if I want it a certain way - could I order 100g and say with the most coarse base and oiled.
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    @Roderick that is great! I think I might have to wait until around Christmas time to do an order, though.
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    Nice! Thanks @volunge !

    @Roderick Also, I have been trying to figure out a strongly herbal-cool scent, I do not know exactly what yet. So far I think double-peppermint, lavender, a little menthol, some eucalyptus, and possibly German chamomile and catnip. I would expect with the price of the last two ingredients, the number of oils and the extra labor, this might be a more costly product. I do not know exactly the proportions yet, but I definitely want a smooth, strong, herbal scent. I would leave it up to you to get the mixture right. Maybe some oil to contain the essential oils. I still think I might have to wait until this holiday season to do it anyways. Just wondering if it sounds like a do-able prospect.

    Would anybody else be interested in what he could do with this idea?

    Edit- could even have common sage, clary sage, cypress etc. I think you can understand what I am trying to figure out.
  • my dream snuff is mixed with that wont happen...
  • Mr O, 

    It looks like a very complicated idea that is still forming. As you say it might take you til Christmas to formulate.  What ever you come up with I'm sure we can do it justice.
  • @Roderick If I order 400g, can you make this Jasmine @bob keeps teasing us with for me, but with a more coarse grind than Ambrosia, with some Rustica, well soda'd, oiled, and with a hint of menthol?
  • @roderick that is accurate. I have some of those oils at home, will do some experimenting to get a better picture of it.
  • also the fine ground rose/sandalwood snuff he made is incredible. It couldn't be leveled out any more perfectly. I call it a fake attar. But it's also super tasty and very moreish.
  • Ar47, 

    Yes, I don't see a problem with that.

  • Order is in for two bespoke snuffs! Jasmine and Cherry Cola, both oiled. Thanks @Roderick! I imagine this will take some time- what's typical?
  • all I can say is I was shocked by how quick it got to me. Honestly I fired and forgot expect it to take a while which it didn't. I've had orders from shops take longer before.
  • The norm is 2 weeks.  If we have to sweat the tobacco it will take much longer however the only one we do that with is Spanish Gem and if we use that as the base we are laughing.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    Speaking of which @Roderick are the scents used in Spanish Gem and Ambrosia the same?
  • To add to @SammyD13 s question, @Roderick in your professional opinion how awesome would 400g of oiled Ambrosia be? Do you think this is a worthwhile endeavor? I literally just put in an order five minutes ago and considered it strongly, but thought I'd run a sanity check first. 
  • @zonesix I'm pretty sure Ambrosia is oiled already. When it's all dried out it's still clumpy and snuffable and has that mineral oil texture. Same with Toque USA Citrus. I don't mind them dried out at all, but others like Quit and USA W&H I need to keep moist to enjoy
  • @ar47 hmm. glad I asked before ordering then. I haven't tried it before, but I included 100g in my order last night, having read it's basically Spanish Gem only "more".  I don't usually buy in bulk, but Toque makes it so easy and cheap. If only I could get my daily Poschl fix in bulk. 
  • SammyD13,  There are hints of similarity yet, I have to say Ambrosia is Spanish Gem on steroids.  The complexity of aromas just keeps on giving.  

    ar47, I'm at home and don't have the recipes to hand. However, I think it is moist from the treatment of the tobacco rather than oil.  I'll check when I'm in next week.

    Zonesix,  OTTO is coming and I think you will be very happy.  I'm not going to jinx it by saying when, but very soon.
  • @Roderick two questions that I don't see an answer in the thread:
    1. Can a previous bespoke snuff be ordered (such as Sambac Jasmine mentioned) and how would I order that exactly?
    2. How does one get in touch to request a bespoke snuff other than adding the 400G bag to the cart? I imagine there would be some back and forth discussions by email or phone?
  • At last... my love has come along.

    Bespoke Sambac Jasmine, well oiled and lightly medicated plus Rustica. @Roderick this one is pure genius sir and should go strait into production, exactly as-is! Here's me trying to fit it in a 0.9L container

    I also got my Bespoke oiled, SD base incl medication and Cherry + Cola. If I re-ordered I would say extra Cola, light Cherry. It's still also fantastic, really spectacular grind and just the absolute perfect moisture & oiling like the Sambac Jasmine.

    This is my first night with them but I'm personally, definitively sold on Toque Bespoke.

    The last Toque tin I received was earliest this week, a Toque Rose from MrSnuff. It was more moist and aromatic than the many tens of Toques I've ordered in the past. My current thinking is that the only way to order is Toque Bulk Direct once you find what you like.

    Happy customer
  • @ar47 that looks beautiful!
  • @rostanf it's truly beautiful. PM me your address, and @SammyD13 you will have some coming soon.

    I've fallen in love with the oiled SD Cherry Cola. The texture is just perfect
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