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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's in your Pocket/Waistband?

What's in his pocketses?

Post what you're carrying: protection (when lawful per ToS), snuff, etc!

9x17mm/.380acp Hornady FTXs in a 7+1 colt mustang clone (SIG), cocked & locked in a leather IWB. Rubbing against it through the pocket is a McChrystal's Highland Ice tin at about 20% full.

What's in Your pockets?


  • TobaccomanTobaccoman Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    Lint and change. But usually in my left pocket I'll have my keyone, and in the right sometimes a leather cigarette case from Mexico and or a vape. And in my back pocket a wallet, usually with no money in it.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    Got a plastic vial of @Cobguy 's Cool & Smokey, less than half left in my pocket. And 4 quarters I took from our daughter's various shorts pockets while doing the laundry :D doing errands with all the protection items at home for a rare change up. The grocery store recently put up no gun signs, though technically they're the wrong ones in my state and are unenforceable. And so I'm looking for a new grocer, but voluntarily acknowledging and respecting their request for now. Generally I don't give custom to businesses that advertise to criminals No One Else has Guns Inside :p
  • 9x19mm 9+1 with Federal HSTs in my pants with a Toque Grapefruit 10g tin on the other side of the pocket
  • I always carry:

    Thin King wallet
    10 g snuff (today Toque Lime)
    Kershaw Speedsafe usually in my waistband. I mostly use it for opening boxes or cutting a bit of twine. I
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    a knife I use for work, phones, keys and a tin of sg after glow. occasionally my hands will enter my pockets too.

  • keys, snuffboxes, spoons, nose wiping/blowing apparatus, something that I am not sure why I have that even though I've been drinking much, occasionally a wallet, some candy that I forgot I got for free, crumbs from unknown origins, a zippo pipe lighter.  
  • almost forgot those silly moths that seem to think it's a good place to be and cat claw shedings. Those are sometimes in there too.
  • Added a 25g Toque tin full (well, 3/5 full now) of 41P Himtaj Black
  • 5g tin of irish no.22
    a bic lighter
    an empty snuff bullet
    another bic lighter
    a dollar.
  • 5g tin of irish no.22
    a bic lighter
    a snuff bullet full but i don't remember with what (toque quit i think)
    another lighter
    a dollar
    Two little rocks.

  • edited September 2019 PM
    This is fun, i don't care if nobody else posts.

    little container of marijuana
    little wooden fishermans friend pipe
    a bic lighter
    two bottle caps
     2 plastic bullets of toque Quit
    two  little rocks
    60 cents
    a pendant for a necklace featuring Baphomet

  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited September 2019 PM
    ^ Why do you always carry two rocks in your pocketses?
  • Heading out with a .380 in a pocket holster (I need to lose some weight again to fit it IWB in slacks, or buy new pants) on the right and a 5g WoS tin of Toque USA Rustica W&H on my other side
  • @n9inchnails the really question is why don't you? Guess you're not down with the use of a slingshot!!! J.K.
  • edited September 2019 PM
    @n9inchnails. Not just rocks..gemstones.

    I just looked in my pockets and it's silly.

    1 black smashbox containing Toque quit
    1 snuff bullets containing Toque quit
    1 snuff bullet with Navy plain.
    1 25g container containing Toque quit
    1 safety pin
    A gold snuff spoon
    A pentacle featuring Baphomet
    A little pocket notebook
    ....and two little rocks.

    Being that i only do a gram or so a day, i could easily get by with just two bullets. Why am i carrying this much? I don't know....maybe i'm more addicted to the containers than the snuff itself.
  • I usually have a couple of stones in my pocket, too. A bloodstone and a tigers eye. Also, keys, a bandana or two, two bic lighters, wallet, a pouch of American Spirit, a little kiseru, a can of snus, my phone and a pipe smokers knife.
  • left pocket a lime green rococo plastic snuffbox full of lime toast.  And an unused paper towel from Tampa Bay Bucs stadium bathroom.
    right pocket wooden heartwood snuffbox full of spanish gem
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    No poetry in mine. Apart from a phone and some cash, the rest in my pockets right now is trash, which consists mostly of snuffy tissues, occasional candy papers and receipts. Sometimes I have a pack of chewing gum there, a key, a bank card and two ID cards. A can of snus, when I have some. I rarely use snuff outside, hence not a tin in my pockets.
  • Got the 380 in a IWB leather holster on the hip, Bernard's Jubilaums Prise and Original Schmalzlerfranzl in the pocket, and 6 beers and an opener in the bag on my way to make an appearance at a neighbor's block party
  • again i overdo it....

    Bullet of toque quit
    25g tin of toque quit
    teeny 5g of irish no.22
    cell phone
    2 bic lighters
    wooden pipe 

    oh shit, my rocks went missing!
  • 9 on the hip, inside the pants and a 25g tin of SG Pinewood Ice. Keeping our basement safe while doing the laundry :D
  • $4.27
    Bullet containing 1/3rd gram of Toque Quit
    10 g tin of Toque Peanut Butter (yum!)
    5 g tin of Irish no.22 (yummmmmmmm)
    a wooden fishermans friend marijuana pipe.

    Back pocketseses:
    Blue Bandanna
  • Out to dinner with my wife, kids and parents with a big ol 9mm on my back. No man or woman is going to mess up this wonderful night! And also a tin of Toque Toffee in my pants
  • Left front pocket: Burt's Bees lip balm, twenty pennies, green smashbox of schmaltzer, and a container of Taxi Blue.

    Right front pocket: Keys, brass Zippo pipe lighter.

    Watch pocket: small Case folder. (knife)

    Back right pocket: wallet, small notebook, Lamy fountain pen.

    Inside waistband: S&W "j frame" "airweight" .38 sp +P with Hornady +P self-defense rounds.
  • @moemojo My man! Somebody's gotta carry the torch and keep it safe :)

    Cell in the front right - usually the front left but this pocket has a hole too big for keys and snuff.
    Keys and a small tin of McChrystal's Smokers Blend in the left front.
    Huge wallet rear right.
    SIG P238 Legion with Hornady FTX in a Tucker Gunleather on my right at 3.5 o'clock
  •  25g tin of toque quit
    Bullet of toque quit
    G2 pen (the best pen)
    pill container containing something smokable that isn't tobacco
    A purple bic lighter
    A pink bic lighter
    A wooden butane vape (vapor genie) for smoking that something that isn't tobacco
    An empty round plastic tapbox I just found in storage
    no rocks...where'd they go this time?
    A pocket notebook

    This is the reason my friend calls me "benjamin buttons and his pockets of wonder" I tend to use my pockets like others would use a purse or fanny pack.


  • "Somebody's gotta carry the torch and keep it safe"

    @ar47, I never leave home without it.  ;)

  • @moemojo if you haven't already confirmed, some lightweights can be damaged by +p ammo. This forum covers how to find out if necessary.
  • right pocket: a wadded up paper towel, someone's business card, a receipt for a fried pork chops dinner for 2.
    left pocket: 3 wadded up paper towels w/ tobacco stains and pasta sauce
  • Left: phone and earbud headphones
    Right: coin pouch, pocket knife, Sierra Nevada bottle cap, small tin of Spanish Gem, bullet full of Toque Strawberry
    Back: wallet, empty package of French breakfast radish seeds
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