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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Some Snuff Spoons by Me

edited September 2019 in Snuff Accessories
I have recently been pounding out some steel snuff spoons made from assorted pieces of metal I had in the garage, and I have decided to put some up on ebay. There are currently four listings, with more to come.

I am not an actual metalworker, nor am I a seasoned snuff spoon maker of any sort, just a guy with a hammer and some files. I made some spoons for fun, really, but I had several people tell me that they liked what I came up with, and some of those suggested I post them for sale.

I am not able to post a photo here, and I am not sure why that is, sorry about that.

Please follow this link to my ebay listings, where there are plenty of pictures of my snuff spoons.

I hope you like the spoons. Notice I am open to offers, as I am not quite sure if the asking price is reasonable enough. The shipping is on me. I will be making more spoons soon.



  • Awesome! I look forward to picking one up
  • edited September 2019 PM
    Hey, that sounds great, thanks!
  • Those are super cool!
  • Nice!
  • edited September 2019 PM
    Thanks, @SnuffMonkey, @ar47, and @Mr_O, I am glad you like them.

    I have lowered the price on the snuff spoons by half across the board, hopefully they will look nicer to everyone now, it would be fun to sell some of them to snuffhouse people. I will also mention them on the nasal snuff subreddit to see if anyone is interested.

    I have also made a few more in stainless steel which I will be listing soon. The spoons I have done right now look similar to the spoon listed as number 4, with a peened finish on the handle, and twisted shaft, but these are polished to a high shine. They are also a bit thinner in the shaft, and I think they look more elegant. Let me know if you have any questions, I am happy to answer them.

    In case anyone did try to purchase a spoon from me or make an offer, there was a problem with my eBay account for around five days. I had payed my monthly seller bill, but for some reason they shut down my account and claimed I had not paid it at all, even though I had a confirmation number and everything. Everything was fine after a few days, though. Just some sort of glitch with eBay.
  • Guys and gals, I own a few of his spoons and I can attest they are well worth it. Well made, well executed and well finished. Every snuff taker could use a good spoon. Treat yourself.
  • @Fantastic_Floyd

    I just ordered one,  lookin' good !
  • @perique Hey, thanks! I will drop it in the package kiosk at the post office tonight, and I assume it will go out first thing on Monday morning. Since you were the first to complete one of my snuff spoon auctions, I will include something extra for you in the package.

    @rostanf, thanks for the plug, that is high praise coming from you. I have one of the spoons rostanf makes, and I love it. It is made of oryx horn, and it is even better than I thought it would be from the photos of his work I had seen posted here.

    I highly recommend everybody get one for themselves, they are worth every penny. I plan to get more of them soon enough.
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