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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

My tap pens

edited September 2019 in Snuff Accessories

This was inspired by a comment from @Basement_Shaman.
Yank the front out of a Bic Round Stic.
Then the ink tube can be pushed out through the plastic tip from behind.
Fill the tube with snuff (I used a piece of paper as a funnel).
Reinsert the tip.
Remove the cotton from the end of a q-tip and stuff it down into the end of the cap.
This prevents snuff from leaking out from the vents on the cap.
Now you are ready to carry all your favorite snuffs wherever you go.

What are you using to MacGuyver your way to the next whiff?


  • Nice idea @haveawhiffonme!

    I used old 20 ml glass vials (like in the photo below) with rubber stoppers for carrying snuff in my teens. My buddy I was sharing my homemade with got a bunch of them from school lab.

    We could not procure any proper snuff back then and used cheap cigarretes for making toast with an occasional addition of some aromatic (cheery or vanilla) pipe baccy for flavouring.

    And yes, all of them eventually broke.

    glass vials and rubber stopper
  • @volunge both @SammyD13 and @Cobguy over the last 1.5yrs on this board have both gifted me such vials but in Plastic, so much less risk than your glass ones :D they are perfect for carrying and box car
  • edited September 2019 PM
    @volunge that sounds like it would be a delicious snuf!  I like your idea with vials and improvised a solution for my carrying needs with some screw top glass vials.  hope they last, lol.  What is the black cylinder?  And how did you fill the vials?  Mine are a hassle to fill as I have to make a paper funnel so maybe I'll just stick to boxes and tins if that gets annoying
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    @haveawhiffonme, if there's enough room, you can place a small hanky or a paper tissue on the top of the vials in the tea tin. As a filler/buffer for extra safety. Vials are great for snuff, but they are fragile, and things do happen.

    Those 20 ml old vials I had were wide enough for a hassle-free refilling, using a folded sheet of paper. Black cylinder is a rubber stopper with a hole, which is really handy for pouring out the right amount of the snuff on the back of the hand, but needs its own tiny stopper in its turn (I used a piece of crumpled paper). I could not find a picture of a vial with the very same stopper, so merged two separate images which I found online.

  • edited September 2019 PM
    @volunge great idea! I read that same sort of suggestion in the forum not too long ago. Someone (maybe you?) mentioned carrying bullets in a tin and using a hanky to keep them secure and quiet when pocketed.

    I see what you mean, they just look a lot smaller than 20ml from the pics. For instance my vials arent even 2ml and thus are a hassle to fill without making a mess or contaminating the snuff. Not sure if a refill is worth the pain.

    Ha, nice paper idea. Had the same problem with the caps on my tap pens but solved that with q-tip cotton.

    For me, finding a technique and system that works is all part of the ritual.
  • I have been around long enough to remember this thread. Enjoy!
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    @haveawhiffonme, not me (not a bullet user). But I do have large rectangular candy tin for transporting my snuffs when I'm off for longer. Usually I place an empty A11 bubble mailer on the top to preclude the rattle of the tins inside.

    @SnuffMonkey, that snuff belt beats everything! What a hilarious thread! :)
  • @volunge don't blame you... after a couple of weeks my bullet now only serves as a vial that's less of a hassle to fill.  With pinching I can get the subtleties. 

    @snuffmonkey ha.  legendary!
  • my bad, here are the tap pens. 

  •   Let me rejuvinate an old discussion....

     You don't need to use balled up cotton in the tip, just take another bic pen and remove the little plastic plug from the back end   , and stuff that sucker as far into the first pens  cap as you can.It will fit nice and snug in there and will keep the snuff securely inside. 

       I'm like an indian using every part of the buffalo.

                Cheers. Gong to take some Irish D out of my tap pen now.
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