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Looking for direction



  • @Kengivens don't use apostrophes or it will cut off all the text afterwards.
  • I quite like it, actually, it's almost like a piece of conceptual art. Looking for direction - aren't we all, in the end?
  • Ill try again but I don
  • Ive seen mentions of the following snuff but cannot for the life of me find them anywhere. I suspect they were either eliminated or had to change their name due to our overbearing government agencies. If it is the latter does anyone know what their names changed to so I can find them on MrSnuff or snuffstore.

    Sam Gawith Kendall Hazelnut

    Sam Gawith Banana

    Sam Gawith Cherry

    Wilson of Sharrow Lavender

    Wilson of Sharrow Sp number 1 Bottom Mill

    Toque Rustica . I did find this one but in WAY too large quantIties. I

  • All but Toque Rustica were discontinued.
  • If you have a Windows PC or an Android phone to post from, those don't have the truncation issue
  • @ar47 ahhh that's good to know.
  • rodalacketrodalacket Member
    edited October 2019 PM
    @Kengivens contact toque on their website, when I placed my first snuff order 8 months ago I wanted to try out a variety and keep my order under 200 grams, Roderick was nice enough to help me out and I ended up with 3 10 gram tins of Rustica. 

    if it doesn't bother you that they are 8 months old I still have two sealed tins, they're small enough that i've had the tins sitting in a glass jar since I got them. I would be happy to exchange one. I think they're kind of cool, the label even says Rustica, I've had quite a few tins from toque that are labeled limited edition, with their type written on the bottom of the tin. 
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