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What am I supposed to do with this Bordeaux and Princes? Any Canadians want it?

I just received these from Roderick. They are irredeemably bad. It is like snuffing cheap aftershave. I don't want to mix it with any of my delicious Toque snuffs... Is there anyone in Canada with terrible taste who wants to trade me for this stuff? I'll take whatever you got.... I'm stuck with 50g of each...


  • That, sir, is one interesting classified!  LOL

  • Are they really that bad? I've never tried F&T before but your not helping it lol
  • @Codyg140 I'd say if you're interested, start with the likes of Toque Rose and WoS Wall. If you like both individually, mix em together. If you like that, you might like the F&Ts. HDT and Santo Domingo excepted, as those aren't floral and are much different bases.

    Jury's still out for me with F&T. I do like the Patch, Old Paris and JR Justice but I don't pick them often. Strength seems on the low side for what it's worth. With the floral ones like Macouba and Bordeau I can start to enjoy them if I'm on a floral kick and give them some time.
  • boiledonionsboiledonions Member
    edited October 2019 PM
    Bordeaux has a perfect grind and moisture and grew on me pretty quickly and Macouba is one of my favorites. F&T florals seem to have a love it or leave it quality, but they are high quality snuffs and shouldnt be dismissed and you may even come to like them after a few dozen pinches.
  • Yeah, so at the advice of someone on the snuffing subreddit, I mixed princes with HDT at 1:10 ratio, and honestly the outcome is pretty incredible. I just get HDT with a strong rose aftertone. Definitely pleasant, but I dont see how either princes or bordeaux could be sniffed alone.
  • I wonder if you will get the same results with the Bordeaux. I may give that a try
  • There are some who consider that the heavy floral F&Ts (basically all of em, save for HDT, Santo Domingo, and Old Paris) are basically blenders. I do enjoy a bit added to an SP or a plain snuff, and admittedly all my F&T florals are fairly old and probably lost a fair bit of their original zeal. The only one  really did enjoy straight was Morocco.
  • I believe the F&T florals are quite old recipes, perhaps a little different now that the original F&T doesn't exist, so those harken back to a time when the general smell of London and other European cities was not pleasant at all (so I've read), and snuff was used to help deal with that at the time, those more perfumed and floral scents were a bit of a necessity!
  • 1 part F&T French Carotte mixed with 5 or 6 parts Toque Natural Toast is one of my top 2 standbys.... I like HDT, the other F&Ts i don't care that much for. French Carotte by itself is way too much.
  • I love Princes. You may not like it but I have used it for many years. It does have a nasty drip however, but I still like it.
  • I'm in Canada with a bunch of toques I'd be glad to get rid of, where abouts are you located and any idea what shipping costs might be?
  • @expers, I am in BC, wbu?
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