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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

6 Photo Packaging Question

Hey y'all, I'm readying my annual snuff re-up order, and instead of going for the little 8g jars of 6 Photo Kailash and 6 Photo Special (which are closer to the amount I'd actually use), I'm thinking about upgrading to the 20g and 25g jars in the hopes that they come in beautiful printed tins like White Elephant, rather than just with sticker labels. Can anyone out there confirm if this is true? And if not the 20/25g tins, how about the 45g ones?


  • I had 20 g Kailash and Special tins, got them in 2017 or '18. They were beautiful printed tins, indeed. But mind you, there were mandatory warning pictures as well.
  • I assumed the grossout graphic would be on there ;) I'll just have to turn that side inward when I put them on the shelf. Thanks for the info!
  • @Shavasana, that's exactly what I did, initially.

    However, every time giving a glance at the shelf I could not but start thinking over and over again that I was actually hiding  t h a t  side, it's still  t h e r e, just facing the wall. Eventually this miserable course of events started annoying me more than the picture itself and I ditched the empty tins along with the feeling of guilt. Well, the thing spent some time in the closet before I finally acknowledged this small hipocrisy of mine ;)
  • Black sharpie is fairly effective on the tins
  • You threw them away volunge?   I think half the reason i buy these things is for the package.  I have noticed some South American 'rapee's or whatever mix they come up with, don't yet require warning labels, it will be the next place i go hunting since i now have more than enough snuff for the year!  Now it's all about the tins.

  • ShavasanaShavasana Member
    edited November 2019 PM
    I should update y'all now that I've received them in my (fastest ever, thanks!) order from Mr Snuff. Unfortunately, it turns out that the 20g and 25g tins of Kailash and Special have the gross-out graphics covering at least 80% of the exterior of the containers, rendering any kind of display ridiculous anywhere besides a gruesome haunted house! Oh well, the snuff inside is still fantastic at least.

    Strangely, the humble 8g tub of Medicated no. 666 I received has no warnings on it all! Shame it's only the cheap paper label slapped on (but what do you expect for a buck's worth of snuff). Perhaps I should have gotten the jumbo sized can of it, as an American I've always found the choice of number on that one humorous to say the least ;)
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2019 PM
    @Steve_Tyler, yes. A shame, but I binned empty ones.

    @Shavasana, my 200 g Motia tin I got last year had no screenshots from horror movie, but the label was paper one, glued to the tin. Still, looks awesome.

    200 g Super Kailash tin had printed label + printed screenshot. That was in 2016 or '17.

    45 g plastic container of Motia had no label at all. The plastic tub came wrapped in paper with a small label glued on it. (2017)

    45 g Super Chetak and 35 g Cheeta tins both had that printed shiny label you dream of - without any warning pics! (again, back in 2016 or '17) Unfortunately, Super Chetak arrived split-open and I had to wrap some scotch tape around the tin to seal it.

    100 g MG Madras tin (purchased in the end of 2018) had glued label without a warning pic, but fairly large warning text box.

    Not sure about the current tins, though.
  • My 2019 100G MG Madras has beautiful print on the metal with not even a warning text I can find. Top notch!
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2019 PM
    Nice! In all fairness, I cannot live without Madras. Will order 100 g.
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