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Snuffstore UK and its order statuses

Hi everyone,

Due to EU rules and restrictions of, e.g. buying tobacco online and, therefore, a VERY limited access to most of good snuffs in my country, and an absolute lack of 6 Photo snuffs since then, as well, I've decided to place an order on Snuffstore for the very first time.

I have a following problem - I ordered some snuffs on Monday, and paid for it by debit card on their website immediately. The money was drawn from my bank account shortly after, and I recieved an email with the details of my order, and... that's all.

In the order's history, there's only one, absolutely vague status - Needs Review. What does it mean? I have no option to review it, whatever that means, in any way, so I guess it's on their side to do it. I've sent a question to them regarding the problem through the message form on their website on Wednesday - no reply. I sent them an actual email earlier today, but they won't reply until Monday (if ever).

So my question is - has anyone had such a problem? Does anyone know what it means? It's really bothering me, it's been full week since placing the order, plus my 45 Pounds were taken, and none of these are cool when no progress is being made.


  • For what it is worth, they have always been good to me. I believe they will fix any problem that might be occurring.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited October 2019 PM
    @Shmuel, all good, it's been like this for a while.  Nevermind the status, if your order don't stuck in the customs, you'll get it in a week (+- a day or two). That is, if they receive you payment and the items you placed an order for were actually in stock.

  • Payment has been done, everything was in stock. It wouldn't be so worrying if i didn't order a tracked&signed shipping. Since I have no tracking number, and the status is as mentioned, I have no idea what's going on with my order.
  • The lad up there changes the status manually. It seems he might be too busy to sort out these formalities in a clockwork manner. Some of my long delivered (summer '19) orders still have an obscure status "(Payment Requested [Barclaycard])".

    I never choose tracked & signed for snuff, it does not speed up the shipping (quite the opposite). That said, I admit that keeping an eye on the parcel movement is fun and missing tracking number is a bummer.

  • Well that sounds soothing. I'll just have to wait a bit, then. Thank You very much
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