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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Book review: Exkurs über das Schnupfen

AlexAlex Member
edited April 2012 in Snuff House Library
Titel: Exkurs über das Schnupfen, den Schnupftabak, medizinische Schnupfpulver sowie das Niesen
Author: H. J. Döring
Language: German
First published: 1992
ISBN: 3924638144
I paid: €10.00

This hardcover, written by H. J. Döring, was a by-product of studies on lung respiration. It is written in academic language, but not without some humorous style. The author starts with explaining what taking snuff actually is and for what purpose it is done. He gives an example, that certain medicine was taken as snuff powder, which has been replaced by nasal spray nowadays.

After a short summary of the history of snuff, Döring explains the process of sneezing. He looks at several cultural aspects of sneezing and, with the help of some diagrams, explains its physical reasons and effects. Quoting Wilhelm Busch, the author explains the sneezing process step by step. After some more physical and medical facts, he lists more than 50 old recipes of sneezing powder. The author comments on old chemist measures and ingredients, whether the latter ones are still allowed today or not and lists every uncommon ingredient at the end of the book with more detailed information.

This book or excursus is a somehow weird, thus interesting combination of academic facts and humorous quotes of poems and comments on those. I can very well imagine Professor Doctor Döring having a pinch while holding a lecture. Even though I don't know if he actually is a snuff taker himself, his way of describing it looks quite enthusiastic to me.

Not a book to read if you are looking for snuff history, types and facts, but enjoyable if you are interested in the physical background on how snuff effects your body and what sneezing is al about. Note: The author does not give information on health issues connected to tobacco as this is not the purpose of this book.


'Excursus on
taking snuff, snuff,
medicated snuff powder
and sneezing'
by H. J. Döring

True! - Every pinch is very exhilarating,
presumed that you sneeze!
(Wilhelm Busch, 1854)
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