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Old snuff

I have recently returned to snuff after being away for a few years. I was concerned about my snuff collection being somehow stale or something. It has been stored in mason jars away from light and at around 70 degrees.
So far I have used Toque Quit and HDT. The Quit was just fine - not stale at all. The HDT tastes a little "toastier" (if that makes sense). Time has not hurt either one.
Any other comments on storing snuff long term, or using older snuff?


  • I have some F&T and WoS that are about 14yrs old. They were reclining unattended in a old biscuit tin in a drawer until recently. All are pretty much OK, some a bit dryer. Although I've found the ones I didn't like originally I still don't like now. Alas my F&T Seville that when snuffed smelt like burning rubber still does. 

    Some F&T's have mellowed nicely and its interesting to compare them with the newer versions available now. I have my doubts that the new style tins would have fared as well though. 

  • Not a problem, I store mine in the fridge in amber colored jars. I have some from 2014 that is still good. I think that nicotine can deteriorate but I do not know off the top of my head the rate at which it deteriorates or what triggers it.
  • I keep my hoard in a chest freezer. Absolutely years of snuff acquisition in there! After a moments defrosting, it all seems as good as the day I bought it. I have not thought about nicotine deterioration ... I guess if the nicotine is low, I naturally (subconsciously) take more pinches. Not thought about that before @rostanf just posted his comment. Interesting!
  • @Omgroma I believe nicotine is fairly stable and the deterioration rate is low.
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