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I Love this place and you guys are really awesome

Im 50- going thru a midlife crisis, wife is driving me mad, things are so bad but.....the last week or so spending time on old posts here every day catching up and so forth have helped. This has become my oasis, my private escape. I was a lifelong dipper who quit cold turkey 5 yrs ago but on occasion will still fire up a pipe. A recent craving for snuff brought me here- and I have a couple pending orders soon to arrive too from Europe. So all the tips, stories, adventures, rituals, etc. are much appreciated and I can


  • Cant thank you enough. So Thank you!
  • @jsmk69. Thank you, brother. We're here if you need us.
  • You're gonna be fine, always a free seat around here
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2019 PM
    Welcome aboard, @jsmk69! I hope you'll enjoy the snuff you ordered and try your hand at making your own snuff someday, too.
  • @jsmk69 as @volunge has said before, sometimes it's confusing whether the snuff or the Snuffhouse is the most addictive :)

    When I joined I spent probably 6 months of reading old posts each time I sat on the toilet. I never did finish, but got into the low 2010s. The forum has been kicking for over 10 years (I've only been here 18 months). Pull up your chair anytime!
  • I pop in so infrequently these days, that whenever I show up, old faces have gone quiet, and new folks are round the table. The ethos and atmosphere remains the same though, so it still feels like old friends, even when its people I have just met.
  • Relationships have the tendency to drive a person gf is having some work and anxiety issues at the moment and well it seems like the bulk of our conversation is around those things. Cohabitation is really a pain in the ass. Anyway, hobbies such as these do provide a relief, better this than to drink more heavily :)
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