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New 6Photo snuffs at MrSnuff and Snuffstore.

rostanfrostanf Member
edited November 2019 in Types of Snuff
Five new 6 Photo snuffs available.
F.U.B.A.R non tobacco herbal WITH nicotine.
"India in a box" herbal snuff, natural and a mentholated version.
"Green Dragon" described as "sweet and minty green" on rustica base.
"Riviera" flavoured with authentic french perfumes.



  • @rostanf, thanks for posting this .

     If any more information is required , please let me know here.

    I look forward to hear your reviews.
  • @sixphoto happy to help, ji.
  • That Green Dragon sounds very interesting. Perhaps some will enter my cart whenever I do my next order.

    Any info on moisture/grind on this @sixphoto ?
  • Just because I like new stuff, I wonder how strong the non tobacco fubar is relative to regular snuff
  • @Codyg140, as the name suggests, the green dragon is a green Color snuff with fine grind and moisture is a lot less than our traditional varieties
  • @Glasgowsnuff , the new non tobacco fubar has added nicotine but albeit in a small dose. This being a very small experimental batch , I preferred to err on the side of caution.
  • Herbal snuff is a new territory for me, however a lot of research & thought has gone into its creation . I look forward to hearing from the snuffhouse community on this.
  • just got friench riviera in an order didn't think i liked floral snuffs...and it's not quite like that, it is, but also a bit of an SP..quite lovely

  • I haven't received the tin of Green Dragon and some other snuffs yet, ordered three weeks ago. Usually my orders are shipped within 5-10 days. I think I lost it in the customs this time.
  • @volunge just what kind of herbs are in this "herbal" snuff =))
  • @ar47, I believe Green Dragon is all rustica. Was curious to try it and compare with Toque's one. But yeah, the name alone (and the color) could arouse suspicion at the customs. Chances are they are testing it in forensic lab at the moment, ha ha.
  • I can't wait to try these! 6 Photo snuffs are my favorite Indians. I have never been disappointed by any of their snuff. I buy Kailash ( the golden brown one) in the 200 gram tins. It's one I absolutely love. My next order from MS will include all the new ones.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 2 PM
    It took about 40 days this time, but my order finally made it.


    The snuff looks and feels pretty much like 6P Begum Green. Same colour, texture (grind/moisture), minty flavour, menthol and nice nicotine. Maybe a tad stronger than Begum Green, but I don't have it now, so cannot make a proper comparison. Doesn't clog, no menthol rebound effect. Some forward drip. Super easy to take by pinch, great menthol snuff this!

  • @mrmanos the golden brown one is Super Kailash and the black one with musky frangrance is Kailash. 
  • @volunge I just got my Green Dragon today and just tried it maybe 30min ago. Feels almost exactly like Beegum Green to me, although smelling the tin and my little 8g container of Beegum, the Green Dragon does smell a bit stronger in the tin. There is a good creaminess to the mint, like a Creme De Menthe cocktail
  • @Johnny, the difference in intensity could be somewhat related to container size and mfg date - the fresher the snuff, the harder it kicks; small containers (i. e. smaller amounts of snuff) loose moisture and aroma faster.

    I'm curious to know your thoughts on French Riviera. Could you tell which tobacco base is used for this snuff? Would love to see a photo of open tin, if you have time.
  • Was this a limited release? I can't find it on Mr. Snuff.
  • @TidalWave, just sold out fast, I guess. Not that many pure rustica snuffs on the market.. Here's the shadow of it:

    Vikas should consider releasing plain version of it. I'm sure it would be another bestseller! Many folks love to boost their snuffs with Toque Rustica, which is available only in bulk and is somewhat pricey (putting it softly), whereas entire 6P range is very reasonably priced. @sixphoto
  • JohnnyOJohnnyO Member
    edited January 6 PM
    Is there a trick to getting photos to load? Cannot get it to work on iOS or desktop
  • @volunge  Glad to know that Green Dragon is being appreciated . Fresh stock has already been dispatched , It shall be available on mrsnuff by next week positively. 
    Green dragon is all rustica , So is our LA Natural - pure rustica based snuff without any added menthol or flavour.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 6 PM
    @sixphoto, thanks for informing, this is interesting! Didn't know LA Natural is rustica based. and should correct the product description. ( @MrSnuff )

    I recall LA Natural as being brighter in colour (pale yellow). Do you use different varieties of rustica for Green Dragon and LA Natural, or is it the same rustica and colour difference results from different manufacturing process? Someone on Facebook made an assumption that Green Dragon might be dyed. I wonder if that's the case. There are many varieties of Nicotiana rustica, but they all fall under two groups: the green and the yellow. Former tends to stay green after curing, the latter cured turns yellow (or brown) just like the regular Nicotiana tabacum.
  • JohnnyOJohnnyO Member
    edited January 7 PM
    I still cannot get it to work so I uploaded it to imgur...
  • @JohnnyO, thanks! Looks like my favourite brown 6P base, will definitely try this one.
  • JohnnyOJohnnyO Member
    edited January 8 PM
    I was hoping it would be similar to a floral F&T snuff, but it has a weird fruity tartness/sourness to it. It honesty reminds of of the 6P Gold Rush fruity blend with some added perfume. Cannot say I am a fan just yet but I will keep trying.
  • edited January 8 PM
    I really cannot stand the marketing of that snuff using the line <<authentic French perfumes>> which really has zero meaning and very pretentious to put it mildly.
  • Just trying French Riviera today. Very nice scent and medium brown tobacco are a good combination. While I can't identify the individual florals, they are quite different from any English floral type, and unlike typical Indian, incense like scented snuff. I am favorably impressed with this one.
  • I love the Green dragon.  I think the grind and moisture level is great. A little less moisture than begum green. Love the nicotine kick. I noticed that it is not listed on Mr. Snuff anymore. I hope that changes as I will need more soon. One of my favorites, 
  • I was hoping Green Dragon was a green color snuff. From what i see in this picture it is just another brown snuff :-(
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    edited February 12 PM
    Mine has more of a light brown to slightly green color than the photo above. Must be because it is a different batch. I held my open tin next to it. At any rate, I would not want to make any promises, but IMO, it is really tasty.
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