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Snuv has arrived!

Where's the Toque USA W&H?

My beloved Toque USA Whiskey & Honey has been out of stock at Mr Snuff for some time, despite that it has appeared available at the entire time. Is it discontiunted, with Toque selling the remainder at their site? Or is Mrsnuff just dragging their feet restocking? It's possibly my all-time favorite snuff, so I'd like to know anyone's perspectives on this. Mr Snuff please re-up


  • From what i've seen the W&H is pretty damn popular so i doubt Mr snuff would just up and quit making it.
  • No, it's simply we are waiting on new labels.  We've had a few issues with printing, but we are almost there.
  • Thank you, @Roderick
  • @Shavasana isn't it amazing having a hobby where you can talk directly to the man himself? I doubt any other company out there that doesn't produce snuff or pipe tobacco has any clue how twisted my sense of humor is. Though here is a secret it's practically impossible for Toque to quit any flavor or aroma. Cause they'll always have that bespoke option and even if you don't want bulk (sucks having budget issues, only legit reason to not go bulk) you can always find a few others to go in on a big order.
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