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Have you ever been stopped by the police for snuffing?

This thought often crosses my mind and think it might only be a matter of time I get questioned by the authorities. A few minutes ago I crossed eyes with a UPS driver who witnessed me do a hit off my hand in the manner that is pretty common with a recreational drug user. Any thoughts or personal experience with this?


  • Haha, I recall my cousin boasting to me some years ago how he enjoyed shocking the neighbouring drivers, taking hefty pinches of Hedges in his car during red light stop at the crossings in the city. He just loved the eyes :)

    And my then under-age she-cousin got into some obscure trouble two decades ago with police involved. She had a tap box of Gletscherprise in her purse and cops took it away.

    I don't take snuff in public anymore. Taking snuff is really unusual in the region I live. It's illegal to manufacture, import and sell it here. I used to take snuff in public in my teens, tho. That said, I don't mind handbaking a prilla of snus in a discreet manner when out.
  • On one hand I do not really care and on the other I really do not need any help looking like a degenerate :ar!
  • moemojomoemojo Member
    edited December 2019 PM
    I snuff in front of cops, in restaurants, in shops, in elevators, etc.

    The last time I was in an elevator I stepped in, did not turn around to face the doors, I took a big snuff and started telling the other occupants jokes.  Everyone was mortified except this old lady, who as it turns out lives in the same village as me and we became friends.
  • It's as big of a deal as you make it. I use snuff in public, in high stakes business settings etc. I proceed just as if I wasn't, nonchalantly as taking a mint. When talking to someone I'll typically make a point to stare them in the eyes as I take the first couple pinches.

    Most people don't comment (and continue doing much business). The 10% who do comment are split between making jokes or politely asking if they could try some.
  • edited December 2019 PM
    I cannot say I am all that discreet, but do appreciate discretion with many habits. I was going to this real down low bar and my favorite memories were going snuff with this old vet Sarge who had not done snuff since Nam. Would keep on asking me for a hit and say oh yea, that s good shit! and it s perfectly legal. I had to stop going as when the day time turned over to a more rough clientele I would often find it was 2am and wonder if I might get stabbed etc., the memories nearly bring a tear to my eye...
  • Never been stopped, but it's something that crosses my mind... I'm in my early 20s, so I'm probably more likely to be suspected of something strange. That said, I make a point of only taking snuff in its original package when I'm out and about. Taking snuff via pinch probably helps too... looks more like picking your nose than doing something illegal, lol
  • Yes, a pinch certainly does not appear like an illegal activity; off a key, well...
  • I'm with @Insufflemus on the nose picking pinch technique.As a lady of a certain age I don't feel too much at risk of being challenged any way. 
    I have found letting a bit of front drip emerge to be the perfect deterrent to people I don't want to talk to as well. Gruesome but effective.
  • Ha ha @above. On a side note the worse thing is when you check your nose after talking to whoever and discover you have a big brown smudge between your nostrils.
  • My husband once got in a situation with a policeman. You see he doesn't use snuff regularly. Only on special occasions. We were at a christmas market and there was a stand that happened to sell snuff. They also sold Poeschls Schneeberg which isn't real snuff but a snow white dextrose powder. Well he felt like he just had to try it. I wasn't really thinking much of it. But we bought it and on the way back, standing at the bus stop he took a little pinch of it and ofcourse an officer saw us and immidietly began walking towards us with a grimm look on his face xD My husband started laughing and showed him the bottle of "snuff". The guy opened and smelled it before handing it back over. He strongly advised us not to use products like these in public to avoid any trouble :)) . I didn't really think that far because I never had anything to do with drugs.
  • hehehe @Betty_BW 'As a lady of a certain age' my favorite line on Snuffhouse so far!!!
  • @darkater certainly makes me want to hang out with Betty_BW!
  • @snuffandsympathy no doubt!
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    I get spooked going through security screening. Snuff bullets are also used for cocaine, and well...
  • nope but one time using a bullet I got a very disappointed head shake from a cop who was passing by. Seriously he gave me a look you have to be a dad to give, it's the I am not mad but just disappointed. 
  • I do not buy bullets for that reason.
  • at work (janitor which I actually really like doing, it's weird I know) I was out at the daycare on break smoking my pipe and some punter called the cops on me guess he thought it was weed. Funny thing was seeing the whole thing the look of shock the grabbing his phone and all that. When the police finally rolled around they slowed down looked at me and just rolled off.
  • edited December 2019 PM
    @bob a few years ago someone called the cops on Bob Dylan as he was walking around some town in a New Jersey as he looked suspicious ...funniest thing is when the police arrived they had no idea who he was. Some people have a hairline trigger with behavior that they find out of the ordinary, most likely because they do not have much going on in their own lives.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited December 2019 PM
    Local radar-equipped road patrols have found beloved place for a night speeders' hunt just behind my bedroom window on the other side of the street. Night traffic is pretty much non-existent in this small town and I bet those cops are bored to death in their vehicle. The thing is, my curtains are fairly transparent.. Sometimes I grind tobacco there, taking an occasional pinch here and then. I won't get any further, but I'm considering mounting roller shades. Them lurkers...
  • In Bavaria you won
  • I've never been stopped by the cops while snuffing and don't intend to be. But I live 12 miles from the nearest town, and the only cops are county sheriffs and they all know my old blue Land Cruiser.
  • edited January 16 PM
    Well... on the inverse of this, I was getting gas in a rather rough area last week and did a hit, a little bit after another patron in his car at the station made eye contact with me and said <<you like to party?>> I was a bit out of it (a tad hungover) and while I knew exactly what he meant I could not formulate a reply, he following up with <<you do coke?>> ... I took his number out of politeness, or... Anyways, true story!
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    That is hilarious! If it were only that easy to get snuff locally!
  • @sammyd13 it is usually the thing you are looking for that you cannot find!
  • newbiesnuffernewbiesnuffer Member
    edited January 20 PM
    I usually do not fear cops checking me out (I did not even care snuffing in office - some people were thinking of complaining to HR, thinking I was doing some drugs) since I am never carrying any contraband or illegal items. I am a lawyer as well, so I do not have a care in the world if I haven't done anything wrong.:) I was once stopped at airport security who searched my handbag and took out 3 of my unmarked snuff boxes (little tins I use for carrying around). They must have seen me grab a pinch, not sure.  When asked what it was I told them what it was, and insisted they should put it in their nose. Then one staff said he knew what it was and let his colleagues know, and they let me go. 

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 20 PM
    My bag was swabbed for explosive trace detection during my last flight. I had a large tin of snuff in my bag and some generic medicaments that I didn't bother to place into the scanning bin, but it was my son's radio-controlled car in the bottom of the bag which I completely forgot to present for the security check.
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