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Cigarettes vs others TSNAs

I was reading some figures, about snus specifically, that mentioned the levels of TSNAs that users of dip, snus, and cigarettes were exposed to. It said something like 3ppm for snus, 179 for dip, and 1000 or more for cigarettes.

Now, I know that combustion and additives make cigarettes considerably more dangerous, and expose users more deeply to larger amounts of chemicals. However, as far as actual tobacco-specific carcinogens, wouldnt the exposure be much the same for all products? Excepting snus perhaps which is of course produced significantly different.


  • Exposure would be based on content, no? Roderick (toque)'s analysis seemed to show toque snuffs around 200 times lower TSNA content.

    see thread;

  • expersexpers Member
    edited December 2019 PM
    The one thought that has given me some comfort in respect to this topic is when I've weighed how much snuff I use in a day, it tends around 0.5 - 1gram.  Reading threads on here it seems the high end would be 4grams a day.  

    Now you factor in that 1 cigarette has around 1 gram of tobacco in it.  So worst case, presuming comparing tobacco to tobacco, independent of other variables, you're looking at 4 cigarettes per day total exposure.

    The unknown variables are what kind of tobacco, which region of the world it was grown in, how it was cured, how it was stored, the effects of combustion vs sitting in the nostrils for a period of time has upon levels, and probably some other variables I haven't considered.

    I think if you avoided dark fermented snuffs, focused on drier or larger grinds, stored in the fridge away from sunlight/air/oxidative agents, and you had perfect technique hitting just your nostrils, cleaned out your nostrils around 10 mins after at a time when most nicotine has been absorbed, and you kept your intake to below 4grams a day, then the risks from exposure to TSNAs would be negligible.  

    This publication is quite interesting. It has a chart comparing German nasal snuff, UK nasal snuff, Swedish snus etc.
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