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Difference between Gold Label and Grand Cairo?

I've been enjoying these two the past couple of days, yet I'm struggling to discern any noticeable difference.  Could someone attempt to describe either in scents or nicotine content or any other variable, perhaps my nose is just not attuned to the subtleties there.   

What I get from both is an initial blast/burn of citrus.  This is followed by a soapy floral, possibly lavender, or rose, or both.  The whole thing finally settles down to a cacao/coffee dark scent with hints of spice like cinnamon and nutmeg, reminds me vaguely of pumpkin pie or maybe carrot cake.


  • The spices like cinnamon and nutmeg like you say are not present in Gold Label. Now WoS has had issues in the past of applying the Wrong label:)
  • Yes, maybe that's what took place in this case.  The only difference at all I notice is that the grand cairo has a slightly more intense burn, and the soapy floral is a little longer lasting.  I have some more Gold Labels coming in the mail so I'll be able to compare better then.  The base tobacco on both of these is just unbelievably good.
  • @expers, I wish that base was available plain. Indeed it's great.
  • expersexpers Member
    edited December 2019 PM
    PhilipS had commented on a Youtube video reviewing Gold Label a few years ago.  He wrote:

    For many years this snuff cost more than other offerings from Wilsons. It is one of the original snuffs created by Joseph Wilson (1723-1796) in the late 18th century probably making it Britains oldest snuff to be made by the same manufacturer under the same name using the same recipe. It is described by Mark Chaytor, the late Managing Director of Wilsons, as Sharrow's highest-grade snuff, still made with 100% traditional Kentucky Leaf (no stalk) as it was when it was first produced. Since the Second World War most of Wilsonss tobacco is sourced from Africa.

    Hadn't realised it was such an old recipe.
  • Grand Cairo is more of a reddish colour with a lemon citrus start, followed by strong bergamot that burns before going to a floral finish.

    Gold Label is a more browner colour snuff. I just get sharp bergamot with less burn and a floralish finish.

    Sounds like you may have a labelling issue if you can't tell the difference.
  • I like these equally. The gold has a better tobacco taste to me, while the GC has a better scent profile. Of course it's just my opinion. I just ordered a large tin of the GC to refresh my nose memory. As I recall it is very strong when just opened. I can't wait.
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