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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Festive Joke.

After following the star for days on end, the three wise men dismounted from their camels and stood outside the stable in the cold, dark winter night.
One of them led the way into the dimly lit, warm stable were the baby lay in the manger.
Striding forth with enthusiasm, he quickly advanced towards the gathered people and the manger at the back of the stable.
In the darkness he struck his head on a low beam and in excruciating pain shouted out  "Jesus Christ!"
Marys voice was heard coming from the back of the stable.  "That's a nice name, we were thinking of calling him  Willie."

A Happy Christmas To You All.


  • Reminds me of this one

    Car executive calls ad guy in tells him he needs to come up with a name for their new car. Says the ad guy,
    When do you need it? Executive says tomorrow morning. Ad guy exclaims, Datsun!

    Doc Holliday 
          Is unus bibliotheca magna , He is in himself a great library. 
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