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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

FREE SHIPPING! - Server errors and broken coupon codes

ManxSnuffManxSnuff Member, Administrator
Hi everyone,

So was down over the weekend due to a server problem and David sent out a 50OFF shipping code to say sorry. 

His intention was good but the coupon code wasn't working properly

This has now been fixed and upgraded to a FREE SHIPPING COUPON for orders over $30 and will be active until 26th December 2019

Coupon code is SHIP50

Thank you all for your patience and happy snuffing


  • Thanks, this pushed me over the edge for the big order I've been accumulating in a cart. :)

  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited December 2019 PM
    @ManxSnuff Dom please see the Latest snuff order thread. I had a real poor ordering experience yesterday and paid $35 for shipping.

    Can you please look up that order and add to it $35 worth of Poschl Gawith Original? My wife is kinda pissed ... (she lives on that snuff and I ordered 1 tap box instead of one Box of tap boxes, which is what I clicked to add to my order)
  • @ManxSnuff I just tried to use the code. No indication whether or not it was working. Was not sure if it was good until midnight or actually into the day of the 26th. It is still the 25th where I am right now. Just wanting to know the situation, thanks!
  • Somebody fixed it, thanks people at Mr Snuff!
  • LloLlo Member
    edited December 2019 PM
    Does not work on Snuffstore
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