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Warming up snuff

Sometimes, I carry a few small, flat smash boxes with different snuffs, of course. I tend to carry them on a carabiner that I attach to my backpack. I have seen many YouTube videos that talk about warming a pinch of snuff between the fingers for a better scent. I am curious from those of you that carry small plastic containers in your pockets, is the snuff warm enough from being carried in the pocket to have an enhanced scent? Anyone have any idea?


  • I typically only warm up pinches if I am using SWS or other artisan snuffs or if it is the first time I am trying a new snuff. I usually carry snuff in my pocket so it probably is warmer than the ambient air temperature.
  • Warming up snuff by holding the pinch or even breathing on it slightly can enhance the snuff aroma.
    I find this helps faint aroma snuffs such as toque fruit snuffs. Most stronger aroma snuffs often don't require pre warmer but it can make the snuff a bit better.
  • Been experimenting with this, I definitely prefer the tin in my pocket to one carried externally when I'm walking outside. 
  • Warming a pinch in your fingers gives a better scent because heat releases the aromatic oils in the snuff. So heating it it your pocket will work somewhat but holding the pinch will still work better because holding the pinch warms the snuff faster therefore releases more aromatic oil right before you snuff it up.

    Also warming the snuff box in your pocket releases the aromatic oils.... into your pocket so over time snuff kept in your pocket will lose its scent faster than snuff kept externally. Not a problem if you go through the snuffbox in a day or two.
  • IrishchalkIrishchalk Member
    edited February 2020 PM
    Thanks for the comments guys. I have been experimenting with just the pinch and find you are exactly right. I have been using a snuff spoon for ages because I do not want to spoil the snuff with oil from my fingertips. I suppose it is something I should not worry about as I use very small smash boxes and never put my fingers in an original tin.

    Thanks again!
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