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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

New CBD high strength snuff and tobacco free snuff.

RoderickRoderick Member
edited February 2020 in General

We've just launched our new range of CBD snuffs. Our tobacco based chocolate brownie and our tobacco free menthol snuff. 

They are pricey at GBP 9.99 but we have made them 100mg, in a 10g tin, as a beginner will use 10mg a day and an experienced CBD user will use 20-30mg per day. 

I had to laugh as someone already bought some while we were uploading to the site.


  • Hmmm interesting concept, might have to be careful where you ship it
  • Hi Cody, 

    Thanks for your concern. Maybe we should mention we will not be shipping to the 4 countries prohibited by Royal Mail Australia, Russia, the UEA and Malaysia. 
  • beantinbeantin Member
    edited February 2020 PM
    That's quite lot of CBD in 10g of snuff. What is the THC percentage?
  • None in the Tobacco free and 0.02 percent in the tobacco one.  Exact figures are on the letter that goes in the packet shipped to customers.
  • Does the cbd work when snuffed? I have made thc infused snuff and the results were nil but for the smell. I live near a marijuana store here in Colorado and regularly buy gummy candy with cbd and thc. Interesting indeed.
  • Just been chatting to an MS sufferer who told me snuffing around 20mg/2g's reduces, tones down the wobbly feeling she has when standing. 

    I admit I am sceptical. That is why I put 100mg in a tin.  This will give it the best opportunity of working.  

    Don't forget it was touted as a cure all in the 1920's and virtually all our medicine comes from nature.  All I can say is nothing ventured.....
  • Just waiting on mine to show up, I'll report back.

  • I'm wanting to try this. I'm wondering tho how many pinches one would need to take in a row for noticeable effects. Effects typically last 2-8 hours I heard, for me about 5 hours. Maybe snuffing on this threw out day would keep cbd in system for all day till I pass out and next morning get enough in system till same effects later in day when doing enough.

    Can we add cbd powder to it? I'm thinking if I had two strengths I can start out the day with the stronger batch to quickly absorb more cbd, get that in system then use the regular strength stuff to maintain it in system threw out the day.

    I guess I'm have to buy some it and see. Hopefully it get popular enough and we see other scents. I'm a HUGE fan of whiskey and honey usa. That's my main stuff. I'm wondering if I'm be able to do enough the cbd snuff cuz I'm always wanting the whiskey and honey threw out day and always ignore my other stuff.

    Would be cool if Toque could sell the cbd powder to mix in other snuffs one enjoys. Or option to add cbd to other snuffs. Anyways this Toque cbd got me excited to try it and make a snuffhouse account to ask questions. Toque has always found a way to keep me interested!
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 2020 PM
    @Sea_Bee_D, if you find it works for you, try asking Roderick for a bespoke W&H USA with CBD.

    Mind you, the price would be different for that amount.
  • hi there @Sea_Bee_D, welcome on board!
    I tried W&H USA months ago and planning to buy economic bag soon when my wallet gets heavier. Great snuff indeed. Its so tasty I am afraid use daily as I could get bored of it someday :D

    Im curious whats your experience with cbd and the effect it has on you? Are you using it as a treatment like medical cannabbis or just for overall disposition?
  • Thanks volunge I forgot all about the bespoke, I seen it before on toque website and was wondering what it was. @johano I use cbd for a few reasons. I believe it reduces the odds of me having a seizure, sometimes I go months without one. I use cbd and keppra. Normally I have a few a month sometimes not, it comes and goes as pleases. My seizures I get them from a head injury I had when I was 16. I also use it for depression and anxiety. I don't really feel nothing from the cbd except a general calmness and I get less annoyed or nervous about things. I was using koi cbd in Vape juice but I quit vaping. Started using kats botanicals cbd isolate which is a powder about 1000 mg cbd and was thinking of adding that to the toque cbd snuff. I get really confused about what's in a dosage, have no idea how much I'm getting at a time. Ya I'm kinda boring I normally have one snuff I enjoy using all the time and it's always been Toque USA whiskey and honey, don't think I can ever get bored of it. Tho I'm trying new things especially from Toque Otto line. I never had a Schmalzler and so glad Toque made one and I think it awesome they got cbd products too.
  • NikolaosNikolaos Member
    edited August 2020 PM
    At the begin i was very very skeptical about this snuff without try it...

    At least couple of times i talk to phone with @tobaccobob about this snuff but still stay skeptical..

    Well today i receive Toque order and i have include finally one tin of CBD.

    Instantly without second thought i grab a spoon.. clean my nose and i use one fat spoon in each nostril...

    It works!  definitely it works!  Chocolate brownie and after 5 min a calmness, very anticonvulsant..

    This can be used as a medicine for sure, its worth the price no doubt. 

    Also i want to share a experience:  Yesterday night i had a very strong cough before sleep, so strong and persistent that i was to close to puke from the intensity of the cough, i drink water but without any luck! every second and the cough goes worst and worst! I dont know why but for one second i thought Toque Rustica, i go to refrigerator and grab the Rustica and i take two medium spoons, instantly the cough was disappear!!! i was so WOW thats going on? WOW cough is gone in a blink of an eye! what the f**k ? 


    Thanks to @Roderick Toque CBD and Toque Rustica are two really special offers available to us! 

    Each one for different purpose.

    These must be used also for remedies or only as a remedie. For sure it cant replace doctors advice and must not BUT at some causes these two Snuffs along with the medicinal/menthol Snuffs can be very helpful if you know when to use each one.  Before you go to drugstore just think Snuff can help you in some point..

    Great Snuffs!  :x

    Many thanks to @Roderick  
  • Nice thoughts @Nikolaos !Yes  Toque CBD is a nice and unique snuff,although I would like it better without the brownie smell-I prefer the cannabis smell!
    @Roderick are there any plans for a Toque THC snuff?

  • We have the current maximum THC in our CBD at present.  We do plan on other flavours including Natural in the near future.
  • Mango enhance the cannabis terpenes...
  • I didn't know about this snuff until last week, and gave it a go. Very, very enjoyable. The brownie flavour is well done and it gave me a chuckle - hash brownies, eh. 

    A deep relaxation snuff for me, leading to the best night of sleep I have had in a while. Definitely one that I hope to order more of!
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