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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

Viking Dark & NTSU Black

Describe Viking Dark compared to Ntsu Black!
I've only tried Ntsu Black and i love it & now i'm cosidering buying 500g of viking dark.
What's the grind, the aroma and the nicotine compared to Ntsu black!


  • JammerJammer Member
    edited February 2020 PM
    @ALLex -- while they are both strong, unscented, moist, pure tobacco snuffs, they couldn't be more different: Viking Dark uses dark fire-cured tobaccos and has a soft fluffy mid-fine grind. The tin note is very dark, with notes of smoke and plum, and this pretty much translates to the nose upon snuffing, followed by an "after-scent" of dark chocolate and smoke. It is similar but not quite the same as SG Black Rappee, if you've ever had that one, but with less salt and a much finer grind. The nicotine hit is substantial but different from NTSU due to the finer grind -- it hits harder but the duration is shorter.
  • @Jammer Thank you so much for this detailed description! Now i'm sure i'm gonna like it & i'll definetly buy a 500g in my next order.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited February 2020 PM
    A lot less fresh barnyard with the Viking. Very different base. I'm sure my nose would feel better after 500g of Viking rather than 500g of NTSU. Viking is a Samuel Gawith brand - have you had any of them before?
  • @ar47 No I never had a Viking neither a Samuel Gawith. From what i understood so far Viking has a finer grind than Ntsu and it has a noticable nicotine hit and it's easier to sniff. The aroma is like dark cigar leaves or like Ntsu with less amonia ?
  • I love the enthusiasm but suggest perhaps getting a variety of snuffs in your next order rather than 500g for your first try, just in case of the chance that Any snuff you haven't tried before turns out to not be quite your favorite. 500g is a lot of snuff!
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited February 2020 PM
    @ar47 I tend to like a lot the dark rich tobacco leaves and the natural aromas of tobacco, that's why i dont see a point to buy a 25g tin and then buy 500g in the next order. I did it with other snuffs like Toque Quit & cheese and bacon & whiskey honey usa, first bought a tin then next order a 100g bag. I know that after a tin order it's gonna follow a bulk order.  I prefer to have 500g at first than ordering every now and then plus the price is good. If i really wont like it (which i think impossible from the reviews i've read) i have a lot of tobacco enthusiasts friends so it's not gonna be a total waste. 
    I would like to learn more about the Nicotine in Viking Dark and if it follows by any back throat drip , how easy to take it is, how long does the aroma last in the nose and the sniffing method you prefer with Viking Dark. For example, is it sniffable from the back of the hand because I found a bit difficult to do it with Ntsu Black?
    Till now I only have Toques, Ntsu Black and Indian Whites (Dholakia White, 6 Photo Cheet, JNF White Horse White)
  • Hey @ALLex
    Regarding drip, anything more than a light modest amount and I get plenty of drip, but usually front not back (like most darks). When it does back drip it isn't uncommonly bitter or irritating. I reserve this (and all SG/Viking darks) snuff for use at home because I like to take lots at a time and that means lots of tissues. The Toques you have are more suitable for public use, where you can have a few pinches before a lunch and not worry about it looking like your nose started bleeding :)
    I think the NTSU is stronger per-pinch but the NTSU is also a bit clogging so it's easier to take larger amounts of the Viking and get to similar 'nicotine' satisfaction. With NTSUs high ammonia the nicotine is mostly in a bioavailable state that comes on (and goes) very quickly.
    I prefer to pinch moist darks. I've never considered back of the hand with them actually. I do that with drier, finer snuffs and am not sure if it would work well or not. I expect it would be pretty messy if it's good & fresh.
    I say go for it. Maybe pick up some Tonka beans to store with a few tens of grams of it on the side to make your own Samuel Gawith Elmos Reserve.
  • @ar47 since i've never tried a SG why would i want to make my own from viking dark ? Though because you spent time on writing and mentioning it i'll give it a try! 
    From my experience every method of taking snuff can be applied in every type of snuff.
    I had ntsu black from the back of the hand i had to sniff it harder and it hit perfect.
  • Viking Brown is more of a traditional English snuff, with a more rounded scent than NTSU in my opinion. I like them both, but they are different snuffs. Just get a tin and compare them yourself.
  • @mrmanos we talk about Viking Dark, not Brown. 
  • Viking Brown is just a brown Rappee similar to Kendal brown. Including the dark versions, they're similar.
  • Just wondering if anybody else noticed that snuffmeuk now has Silky Dark listed alongside SS Black Magic under Samuel Gawith snuffs.  Would they be the same snuff or two different snuffs after-all?
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 7 PM
    @Gormur, yes, both are listed there now. As it was numerous times reported in quite a few threads on this forum and other online snuff dens by different folks, old Viking Dark (SG-made, the one in vac tins), Silky Dark and Black Magic are all one and the same snuff. It was recently confirmed by a fellow @Hloridison.
  • I miss SG Black Rappee. There is no snuff quite it, although some come close. I wonder if it was just too labor intensive, or did only old veteran snuff takers but it?
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