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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Best VS Worst snuff you ever had?

What's the best snuff and what's the worst one you've ever got, and why?

My best snuff is Toque Whiskey & Honey USA, because of it's fine grind and level of moisture and this beautiful aroma and nicotine level ! Though if Toque Cheese & Bacon had the same characteristics as W&H usa (fine grind, high nicotine, rustica based, stronger aroma) it would be my very best!

My worst ever snuff is those with low nicotine and minty or herbal floral aromas. I haven't bought one of those but i had a pinch from friends now and then. (Don't get me wrong i like menthol snuff but only once in a while and those with a good nic level ).


  • Sugandh Sagar Rose has got to be the best for me. If I had only one snuff this would be it. The worst so far was 6P's Begum Green. I understand my tastes have changed over the past one year but this is one snuff I will not be revisiting. 
  • Best: SG KBO / Toque USA W & H
    Worst: 6P Cheeta - Tastes Like Burning!
  • JohanoJohano Member
    edited April 2020 PM
    Best: Neffa Ifrikia. Couldnt find anything so perfect so far.
    Worst: Sadly, SG KBO. I enjoy Vikings tho since there are no floral or lemon scents like in Kendal which annoy me..
  • GormurGormur Member
    edited June 2020 PM
    Best: Samuel Gawith Irish D.  I hope it's still in production, though no sign thus far.  It's good because it's easy to take and doesn't cause clogging very fast, plus it hits nicely and has a nice taste

    Worst: W.E. Garrett Scotch. I didn't know a snuff could be this smoky, but it tastes like sugar in my nose which is disgusting.  I got it for its potency, although it doesn't seem very potent to me; to put it mildly

  • Shep13Shep13 Member
    edited June 2020 PM
    Best would be elmos reserve of course I didnt fall in love until I had 1g left

    Worst is f&t patchoulli 1 pinch and I didnt revisit
  • I wouldn't mind trying Elmo's Reserve except I've never seen it available anywhere.  Maybe I should just give up because going by the threads on here, there hasn't been any around in a few years

    It seems when you find a favorite it suddenly disappears ;)
  • Best: There are many i like a lot, i can't separate.

    Worst: 6Photo Krishan sudama by far.
  • Totally agree with the Krishan Sudama!
    Smells like a semi-cleaned toilet!
  • Best: 6Photo Special. A pleasant, heady aroma and a solid nicotine charge.

    Worst: WE Garret Scotch. It's like putting the contents of an ash tray up one's nose.
  • Best : Red Bull
    Worst : Morlaix. May as well snuff some baby talcum powder
  • Best : Red Bull or Gletscher Prise
    Worst: White Elephant. Armpit is not a great scent for snuff.
  • Best: sir Walter Scott St James parish. But sws is another level of Perfektion for me. Mg Madras is my loved allday.
    Worst: 6photo krishan sudama and all heavy mentholated stuff
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